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Parallax is the third studio album from Bradford Cox's solo project Atlas Sound. Cox is best known from the band Deerhunter. I also liked the song Doldrums, but couldn't find a stream. Lightworks is a pretty good track too)

Te Amo - Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound - Te Amo by ThatEricAlper


Terra Incognita - Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita by


Its Own Sun - 13 & God

(Enjoyed the Radiohead-esque sound, thanks for recommending, Eric, at The Warning Sign)

Listeners, any thoughts on the music? I'm done with sharing 2011 tracks for the time being, and will be posting 2012 music the next few weeks!


  1. Awesome, so glad you like 13 & God. Nice call on including "Terra Incognita". I haven't been able to really get into Atlas Sound (or Deerhunter, for that matter), but that is one of a few from them that I really like.

  2. @Eric: Yeah, I don't like all the tracks by Deerhunter and Atlas sound either. Good to hear you are liking Terra Incognita-its almost acoustic, so a departure from the other tracks .
    "Revival" and "Sailing" are my faves from Deerhunter's 2010 album.


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