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Anonymous (2011) 10 Reasons Why Shakespeare Is a Fraud trailer edit

The trailer is very interesting and contemplative, but doesn't fit the tone of the movie at all. Anonymous is historical fiction, a visual feast, a blend of dialogue and action scenes. The trailer surprised me in a good way, and made me wonder why Emmerich didn't direct a documentary instead?

Readers, any thoughts on the trailer, or the film?


  1. Wow, this seems more like a short featurette than a trailer! It's all very interesting though. I don't agree with everything he says either - particularly number five. There's a lot of conjecture. I always got the idea Shakespeare was an extremely peculiar man.
    Still, I like movies about conspiracy's and the like, even if I don't believe them! I will check out Anonymous one day.

  2. @Ruth: Found the trailer on IMDB, I agree it's more like a featurette. Roland Emmerich does make some interesting and controversial arguments, but would have been nice to be told what his sources are, if they are respected scholars on board. Or he has just used those theories that fit the movie script. At the end of the day, Anonymous is just one way of viewing Shakespeare's life, I honestly found the script a little muddled with too many characters, although visually impressive. I wonder if there is a certain amount of jealousy involved when William S is called a fraud. When someone achieves greatness, people want to bring them down to earth.

  3. Is it really so much action? I thought Emmerich did something different for a change, considering the subject matter. I have yet to see this movie, although the cast looks promising.

  4. @Sati: Are some dialogue scenes, so maybe not quite as much action as usual for Emmerich. Still probably the most action-packed movie about Shakespeare made to date. Overall, my rating is 5/10, pretty shallow, overlong, and confusing stuff. The trailer is the best thing about it for me ( :


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