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AT2 - Araab Muzik

(From 2011 album Electronic Dream. My favourite by these guys, and that image is cooler than cool, way better for me than the album artwork. The uploader on youtube has an excellent understanding of visuals)


Los días raros - Vetusta Morla

(Ok, so I don't post enough foreign language music, no idea what she is singing about, nevertheless still a powerful tune from last year, and powerful images in below homemade video)


Rockets - Moby (instrumental version)

(Most people pretty much agree on that Moby's 2011 album was not his finest hour, in fact the only track I enjoyed was this instrumental tune not even on the actual cd)


Comin' Down - Korallreven

(The first two minutes didn't grab me, the remaining 7 min of the track I found to be hypnotic in a tranquil and peaceful way. My go-to song on their 2011 LP)

Comin' Down by Acéphale

Listeners, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Love that AraabMuzik album. One of last year's best, in my opinion, and probably the most surprising one for me.

  2. @Eric: Thanks, the AraabMuzik album definitely has some great tracks, "I Remember" is another I like.


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