Songs for your iPod

(Candidates for most underrated song of 2010)

A Pure Accident - Badly Drawn Boy


What if it isn't out there? - The Silver Seas


I Don't Feel It Anymore - William Fitzsimmons Feat. Brooke Fraser (George Raquet Remix)

I Don't Feel It Anymore (Feat. Brooke Fraser) (George Raquet Remix) by Naim Edge

Listeners, any thoughts?


  1. Those really are "Songs for Your iPod." I'm going to add I Don't Feel It anymore to my Weekend Chillout playlist. I'm digging that Silver Seas song too, thanks!

  2. Great post this week!

    That Silver Seas track is awesome, I love that funky bass line.

    The last one is great too, I wasn't expecting a duet that was a nice surprise.

  3. @Colleen: Your welcome. I'll be posting at weekends from now on. I Don't Feel It anymore really is good chill out music, I put William Fitzsimmons in the same underrated category as Trent Dabbs.

    @Bonjour Tristesse: Thanks, love Silver Seas track too. The title What if it isn't out there? could be narrator wishing girlfriend doesn't find someone else, and that he was the answer all along for her. Just an interpretation ( :


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