Favorite award show moments

Winning for The Wrestler, he was quite the comedian that night! Have you seen the speech before? What did you think?


  1. Haha, that was great! I hadn't seen that before... gotta love Mickey Rourke.

  2. @Eric: I could have done without the swearing, but we can empathise with M Rourke's washed up underdog story similar to his character in the Wrestler!

  3. I loved that he lets his freak flag fly and does not take the whole thing to seriously.

  4. @3guys1movie: Yes, he doesn't hold back, and looks surprisingly relaxed! Some of it looked like spur of the moment, I think he had prepared a few jokes.

  5. This may be my favorite awards speech from any show ever. It's heartfelt, hilarious, crude; just brilliant. Thanks for highlighting it!

    "Well, uh, I don't know what you do, honey."

  6. Alex Withrow: He knows how to win the crowd! I agree about heartfelt, the little laugh after every sentence helped make it emotional.
    If there was an award for award show performances, I think Mickey Rourke would get nominated ( :


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