Favorite award show moments

A new blogathon idea has been cooking in my mind, what for me are funny and memorable moments from award shows? I'll start off with The Golden Globes 2012. Johnny Depp should do more comedy!
Readers, what was your favourite moment at last weekend's Golden Globes ?

The tv-series that Ricky mentions at the Globes is amusing too:


  1. :( I haven't watch the Globes, only waited for its live tweet the other day. Happy for the winners, though. But thanks for posting your favorites, Chris

  2. My favorite moment was definitely Seth Rogan's line, and Kate Beckinsale's reaction to it.

  3. @Andina: It's worth watching, you can find some clips online.

    @Bonjour Tristesse: I laughed too when Seth Rogan said that! (I just wish his jokes could be more sophisticated sometimes, seems to be mostly toilet humour)

  4. And Seth always follows it with that awful laugh of his! My favorite moment was the dog from The Artist stealing everyone's thunder with his tricks.

  5. @Colleen: Yes, I saw The Artist, I wonder if the dog will get a supporting actor oscar nomination ( :


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