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Vanity Is Forever by Geoffrey O'Connor is for the casual music fan an unnoticed album from 2011, an LP that has slowly but surely grown on me, and I keep returning to it for more. There's an aura about his vocals and lyrics, and the sunglasses obviously add to the mystery reminiscent of the late Roy Orbison. I'm told O'Connor opened for Jens Lekman on his tour. For me, among the very best obscure albums of 2011.

So Sorry - Geoffrey O'Connor
So Sorry by Geoffrey O'Connor


Like They Say It Does - Geoffrey O'Connor

Whatever Leads Me To You - Geoffrey O'Connor

New 2012 track:

Now And Then - Geoffrey O'Connor

Listeners, any thoughts on the tunes or the singer?


  1. He sounds decent enough, obviously going for that retro 80's sound with those sad vocals, synths, and soft rock drum machine beat. I like that last track the most, I'm always drawn to male/female vocal dynamics. But I don't really hear anything really unique, and it makes me want to put on some Roxy Music or Ultravox instead...

  2. @Bonjour Tristesse: Yes, his lyrics do exude melancholy (and also introspection), so for me is mood-dependent music, and not for everyone. But you don't have to invent the wheel to make a good album ( :
    I thought about doing a Roxy Music tribute blogathon, as I'm a fan. The other band Ultravox I don't know, but will give a listen.

    ps I updated the top rock songs links.


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