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Wait and See - Holy Ghost!

(A pop song that works for me because its so catchy. Definitely in my top 10 songs of 2011. They are actually American, the music sounds kind of European?)


Some Children – Holy Ghost! (feat. Michael Mcdonald)

(Judd Apatow unfairly made fun of Michael Mcdonald to get some laughs (I laughed too), in his defence this track proves the guy can still put out good music)


Call Me Back - The Strokes

(My favourite from their 2011 album. Similar to: I'll Try Anything Once )

Thanks for listening. What did you think of the music? Feel free to share your views in the comments!


  1. Nice, never heard of Holy Ghost! Can't help but think of the term "yamo blow my brains out" when I think of McDonald.

  2. @Robert: I didn't know Holy Ghost! either until recently, another album track to check out is "Say my name"
    "I'm gonna yamo burn this place to the ground" makes me laugh ( :


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