Favourite quotes from The Rum Diary (2011)

The movie was decent without being great, Johnny Depp was never cooler. Everyone talks about Giovanni Ribisi in an almost unrecognizable supporting role stealing Depp's sunshine, though I thought Richard Jenkins' likewise unidentifiable supporting performance was impressive too.
The dialogue struck me as being the strongest suit of The Rum Diary. I enjoy the crazy humour of writer Hunter S. Thompson. So in keeping with my blog idea of ONLY posting what I like, below are a few quotes that amused me from the script:

“The problem with this newspaper Mr Kemp is that I don’t enjoy reading it”

“How much do you drink?”
“I suppose the upper end of social. I’m poised to give up…Puerto Rico may not be the best place in the world to do that”

“Do you know what Oscar Wilde said? We know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”

“Maybe I can interest you fellas in something else.”
“Like what, death?”

Paul Kemp: "What's your name?"
Chenault: "Let's keep that a secret."
Paul Kemp: "But I don't even know it."
Chenault: "Then you'll keep it even better"

Paul Kemp: "I thought you said you had a TV."
Sala: "No, the guy across the alley has a TV. I have binoculars"

Readers, any thoughts on The Rum Diary ?


  1. This is a pretty good movie. Good acting, good script, funny and very entertaining.

  2. @DTG Reviews: Not a masterpiece, The Rum Diary was good for a one time watch. I agree with the critics who say there should have been more focus on Depp's character/thoughts

  3. I haven't seen this yet...I'm not too sure if I will yet. Have you seen Ed Wood? One of Depp's best performances. I hope Tim Burton returns to his roots and starts to create cinematic masterpieces like that again!

  4. @sundryandco: Ed Wood was excellent, I agree, Depp's performance was memorable. Tim Burton has become a bit too commercial and boring in recent years for me, his darker/gothic movies from the 90s I think are his best: Ed Wood, Batman 1 & 2, Edward Scissorhands. Of his "lighter" films, Big Fish I liked.


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