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Honestly I'm not the biggest supporter of The National, their 2010 album I found a bit emotionally detached and uninvolving. Below are three recent tracks by The National I thought had heart.)

Think you can wait - The National

(My favourite by them, from the soundtrack of Win Win )


Wake Up Your Saints - The National

(Bonus track from the expanded edition of the band's 2010 album)


Exile Vilify - The National

(from the soundtrack of videogame Portal 2)

Any thoughts on this week's music, listeners?


  1. I absolutely adore The National. Boxer is in my top 10 albums of all time.

  2. The National are probably my favorite band right now, and it seems like everything they do is amazing. Sometimes I wish they would get a little angrier like on their Alligator album, but the subdued feel of their recent work is just as great. It's nice to see them branch out to soundtracks (both movies and video games) as well.

  3. I liked these - very mellow (in a good way). Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Anna: I have not heard Boxer, sounds promising.

    @Eric: Their Alligator album I have not heard yet either, I will try it soon. Yes the band do seem to be branching out, don't they.

    @Robert: Thanks, mellow is a good word to describe the 3 songs

  5. I'm a big fan of The National. High Violet was not their best work - that would probably be Boxer or Alligator but it still had some great tracks.

  6. @Dan: I actually thought The National was a new band, but after reading these comments I found out I was mistaken. I didn't really follow music so much before 2010


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