Songs for your iPod

Unison – Bjork

(My favourite track from her 2001 album Vespertine)

bjork UnIsOn

falling water bead | Myspace Video

All Your Sisters - Mazzy Star

(Beautiful acoustic/dream pop song)


Ripple - Grateful Dead

(To me this is the best song from their 1970 album "American beauty" . Notice the similar artwork to the 1999 movie?)


  1. Lovely tracks - Mazzy Star is great evening music.

    Been scouring through your playlist thingy - some great choices, a few of my alltime favourites in there:)

  2. @Burning Reels: Glad to hear the music I'm sharing is to your liking. We certainly both like dream pop/shoe gaze ( : Generally, I try and put songs on my blog which in my opinion hold up to repeat listening.
    I enjoy visiting your site for movies and music, so see you around in the blogosphere ( :


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