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Sixties - The Essex Green

(This song takes me to another place, an acoustic gem. One of my favourite songs at the moment by an obscure indie band, who I think deserve more attention. This song is from their album 'Everything is green', which is worth the time.)


Home (RAC mix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

(IMO this 2010 remix is an improvement on the original. A song I can’t get out of my head. First heard about this band on a blog I read. It’s featured in the trailer of the upcoming John C. Reilly comedy Cyrus (2010), which looks like it might be a gem of the summer movie releases. Not to be confused with Miley Cyrus..! )


We're All in This Together - Gabby Young and Other Animals

(Check out this video, which looks like something taken out of The Sims! For me it's the best song on their myspace : )


  1. I loooove edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros!!!

  2. I know, I first heard about the band on your blog ( : Any songs by them you can recommend?


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