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Life During Wartime - Talking Heads


Bright Orange Air – Inlets
(I doubt you’ve seen a video like this before, enjoy!)


She Came And She Touched Me - Townes Van Zandt

(I discovered this country-folk singer on a blog I’m following Pursuitoffolk. Van Zandt has an easy-going voice. This song has amazing lyrics. His life reminds me of singer-songwriter Nick Drake, who also died too young. Both didn’t have commercial success until after their death, and both have a cult following.)


  1. Great lists there at the right bottom of your sidebar - the movies that have a nostalgic value to you, and those you'd recommend. Of course a lot of movies in the former list too are worth recommending. I like a lot of the movies in the two lists, and there quite a few too that I know I should have watched by now but somehow haven't ended up doing so. Perhaps your recommendation should do the trick for me.

  2. Glad the recommendations are useful to you. I will obviously continue to add more, when I see a great film.
    As you know I got the idea for the A-Z lists from your sidebar on your blog. I think it's a great idea, it can help people quickly make up their mind, if they have a similar taste and want to follow. Likewise 'M Carter' has a top 100. The lists are also useful for search engine searches, so people can stumble across the blog, I guess. And makes it easy to locate the reviews.

    Thanks for the book suggestions ( : I've only read Camus of those. My top 10 books I've selected I highly recommend to you.


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