Top 100 songs of 2016 (tracks 100-91)

My choices this year don't reflect what's popular on the billboard charts. You could argue Rihanna's Work is the most recognizable hit of 2016, but I find it annoying rather than entertaining. That said I did like a couple of other cuts on her album Anti.

With the arrival of the internet, listening to music has become so fragmented and niche that finding music we all love is rare these days.

I wanted to wait and share the list once I had gone through the albums I wanted to. I also took the time to explore other people's year-end lists so expect a few shout outs to other blogs. The top 100 are songs that moved me emotionally, stayed with me for the arrangement, lyrical content, or because I'm a fan of the vocalist. I listened to 66 albums released in 2016 and I'm only including songs that held up to repeat listens. I've split the top 100 into ten posts, so as not to overwhelm you with everything all at once.

The links are a mix of YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify, depending on where I could find the music. Hope you enjoy!

Nothing More to Say by The Frightnrs
Underappreciated retro rocksteady/reggae. Much of the album was recorded after the lead singer was diagnosed with ALS. He passed away in the summer, so their debut is bittersweet. The title track is the catchiest on the LP.

Glowed Up (feat. Anderson .Paak) by Kaytranada
Sounds like Kendrick Lamar, in a good way. Anderson .Paak's 2016 album Malibu underwhelmed me, although I liked what he did here as a guest vocalist.

First Crush by Empire of the Sun
A melody that got stuck in my head. Unfortunately the rest of the album was not praiseworthy.

Get Back by Memoryhouse
Drift away, soothing dream pop. The highlight on their latest.

Places To Go by Yuna
Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter. The lyrics are universal. We've all got places to go, right?

So Good by Warpaint
If you like the English rock band Savages, you might like this one.

 δ½Žγ„εˆεΎŒ (hikui gogo) by Taiko Super Kicks
Thanks saidthegramophone! I'm not accustomed to listening to Japanese pop music. Has wide appeal and it doesn't matter you can't understand the words.

The Community of Hope by PJ Harvey
I included the album among my 2016 disappointments. This single was one of the bright spots.

This House by Peter Lister
Recommended by John Medd at his blog. A minimalist folk tune which I found quite affecting.

The Longest Wave by Red Hot Chili Peppers
A divisive album. A couple from the tracklist caught my attention. The other was Encore

Listened to any of these albums? Which are your favorites of the year? As always, comments are welcome. Tracks 90-81 coming soon!


  1. It's always enjoyable to check out a fellow enthusiast's list and I look forward to what is to come in the next nine parts. The Frightnrs LP is very good - such a tragic story.

  2. @The Swede: Agree about The Frightnrs, competently made and just missed my top 20 albums of 2016. Good to know you will be following the next instalments in the series.

  3. Hi Chris, I'm just stopping by and say it's good to see you active again. Haven't heard that Yuna song yet but will do. Really want to see and hear the La La Land movie and OST!

    1. @Andina: I know you are busy, but nice to see you here again. Hope you enjoy Yuna song. La La Land I will be reviewing end of Feb in Monthly recap

  4. Been meaning to check out these posts for a while man. Heh, Rihanna, who is that? I see that and all I see is my sister, cos her name is Rhiannon heh. I'm assuming she is some kind of popstar who doesn't write her own music? Booooo!! :P

    Seeing the above comment, I might have to grab the La La Land OST, I'd probably like it even though the movie literally made my head throb.

    Not familiar with any of these artists! Except for Harvey and the Chilli Peppers of course. Didn't know the latter had a new album out, I'll have to check it out. But... I'll always prefer their 90's stuff ;)

    As for Harvey's latest.... I didn't like the lyrics. Too political for my liking, I was disappointed too. Haven't listened to it much so I can't recall that song you listed.

    Anyway, now I have some new songs to check out. Cheers mate! Perhaps include youtube/vimeo clips of the songs if you can in your posts?

    oh and also, speaking of Japanese music, do you know of Boris?

    1. @epileptic.moondancer: Rihanna gets played on the radio a lot over here in Europe. She’s co-writer on the new album Anti.

      There will probably be a few artists you aren’t familiar with in the top 100 as I like to promote lesser known music, so people can discover stuff they don’t know!

      PJ Harvey and Red Hot Chilli Peppers are on my list of discographies to explore. I’ve only listened to their 2016 albums, which aren’t great, though the albums did have sporadically enjoyable moments. Both might be past their peak now, but you never know what the future holds.

      I’m pretty much unfamiliar with Japanese bands, I can see Boris is a metal group. Maybe I’ll give their new album a try.

      You can count on links whenever available

  5. @John Medd: Thanks again for bringing the song to my attention via your blog

    By the way, my site has moved from blogspot to wordpress. The new link is:


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