Top 10 songs by Grace Jones

1) Slave to the Rhythm (aka Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones) (from 1985's Slave to the Rhythm)
2) La Vie en Rose (Édith Piaf cover) (from 1977's Portfolio)
3) I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) (from 1981's Nightclubbing)
4) Pull Up to the Bumper (from 1981's Nightclubbing)
5) Walking In The Rain (from 1981's Nightclubbing)
6) Williams' Blood (from 2008's Hurricane)
7) Unlimited Capacity For Love (from 1982's Living My Life)
8) Demolition Man (from 1981's Nightclubbing)
9) My Jamaican Guy (from 1982's Living My Life)
10) Pars (Jacques Higelin cover) (from 1980's Warm Leatherette)

Do or Die (from 1978's Fame)
Private Life (Chrissie Hynde cover) (from 1980's Warm Leatherette)


  1. Nice choices, Chris. I'd probably include a couple more from HURRICANE, which I'm a big fan of.

    1. @Alex Ramon: Thanks, I like her 80s stuff the most. I should give Hurricane album a second chance. Williams' Blood is a great track from that.

  2. WOW, I had never actually listened to any of her songs before. So thanks for the youtube links. I like 'Unlimited Capacity For Love' and 'Walking In The Rain' the most, I love 80s music!

    1. @Ruth: Grace Jones is a flamboyant character and put out some great songs. My favorite album of hers is 1981’s Nightclubbing. I recently discovered she released her biography last year called “I'll Never Write My Memoirs”. Thanks for checking out the list!

    2. Oh yeah, I'd imagine she'd be amazing to see live as she's got such a flamboyant personality. I might check out her memoir, she's quite a fascinating person.

      Btw, I just posted one of the most personal Music Break yet, I think you can guess what the subject is ;-)

    3. @Ruth: Seeing her live would be quite something. Better hurry because she’s 67 now and who knows how many years she’ll keep going!
      I just commented on your Joy Division music post.


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