RIP Lemmy, lead singer of Motörhead dies age 70

Here are a few highlights from Motörhead's career:

Overkill (from 1979's Overkill)

Ace of Spades (from 1980's Ace of Spades)

Iron Fist (from 1982's Iron Fist)

Killed by Death (from 1984's No Remorse)

Deaf Forever (from 1986's Orgasmatron)


  1. There's greats in the world of music and then there's Lemmy. He is rock n' roll. No one was as cool as him. He was a fucking badass and he didn't bullshit anyone. He was a God. This one hurts as I'm still reeling from the death of Scott Weiland which hit me even more. Fuck you 2015.

    1. @thevoid99: Sad news, Lemmy was a big deal in heavy metal and will be missed.
      Stone Temple Pilots is band I’ve not listened to, the fans will mourn Scott Weiland’s passing.


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