Top 10 songs by Nirvana

With the recent release of what some have called the definitive Nirvana documentary Montage of Heck (2015) (see my review here), it seems appropriate to take a look back at Nirvana's career.

You can listen to my top 10 below on the YouTube playlist I created.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (from 1991's Nevermind)
2. Come As You Are (from 1991's Nevermind)
3. All Apologies (from 1993's In Utero)
4. In Bloom (from 1991's Nevermind)
5. Lithium (from 1991's Nevermind)
6. Something In The Way (from 1991's Nevermind)
7. About A Girl (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)
8. Heart Shaped Box (from 1993's In Utero)
9. The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie cover) (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)
10. Lake of Fire (Meat Puppets cover) (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)

Just missed:
Dumb (from 1993's In Utero)
Pennyroyal Tea (from 1993's In Utero)
Stay Away  (from 1991's Nevermind)
All Apologies (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)
Rape Me (from 1993's In Utero)
Oh, Me (Meat Puppets cover) (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)
Territorial Pissings (from 2001's Nevermind 20th anniversary edition)
Polly (from 2001's Nevermind 20th anniversary edition)
Sappy (from 2004's boxset With the Lights Out)
Serve the Servants (from 1993's In Utero)
You Know You're Right (from 2002's Best of Nirvana)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (from 1994's MTV Unplugged in New York)
Breed (from 1991's Nevermind)
Been A Son (from 1992's Incesticide)
Sliver (from 1992's Incesticide)

Agree or disagree? Which are your favorite albums or tracks by Nirvana? What did you think of the new documentary Montage of  Heck?


  1. Nothing from Bleach?


    1. Serve the Servants
    2. Come As You Are
    3. School
    4. Floyd the Barber
    5. Drain You
    6. Dive
    7. Aneurysm
    8. Sappy
    9. The Man Who Sold the World
    10. About a Girl (both the Unplugged and original version).

    1. @thevoidd99: Our lists are pretty different on this occasion. I didn’t connect with Bleach (1989) as strongly as you obviously did. I love the song About A Girl (both versions). It’s interesting your top 10 includes a few tracks I didn’t know about, will give Aneurysm and Sappy a listen now, thanks for sharing your list.

  2. YES!!! So glad you did this, and I love your list. I find Teen Spirit to be a tad overrated, or maybe it's just that it's SO OVERPLAYED, but I still find it to be a great anthem and it certainly deserves it's spot in pop culture.

    In all honesty, Heart Shaped Box may be one of my favorite songs of all time.

    1. @Fisti: Thanks a lot. I still love Smells Like Teen Spirit.

      Heart Shaped box is a good song. I don’t like how crazy Kurt is in the music video, although I admire the creativity in the visuals. Nirvana had some very inventive videos, especially In Bloom.

  3. I love your list. I was in high school when Nirvana was in its hey day so I have a fond memory of watching Nirvana music and playing Nirvan's music. I'm quite partial to 'In Bloom' and 'Lithium.'

    1. @msmariah: Thank you. I was not into music as a 10-year-old when Nirvana was big. I remember hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit at school and seeing the iconic Nevermind poster on someone’s wall. I’m glad I finally gave their music a proper listen. In Bloom and Lithium are in my top 5, I love those tracks too.

  4. I've never actually listened to a Nirvana album. They're one of the MANY artists in my blind spot. I'll definitely check out their stuff at some point. Maybe I should start with Nevermind. ;)

    1. @Josh: Nevermind is a great place to start, the band's most accessible and mainstream album.

  5. Very nice top 10, I also wrote a review about Nevermind, you can ckeck it here at

    1. @Gonçalo Sousa: Thanks for reading! I’ll see if I can translate your review using google.


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