New songs I'm listening to

The Only Thing Worth Fighting For by Lera Lynn (True Detective, Season 2)

It Gonna Come by Melody Gardot

B a noBody by SOAK

Sitting Up On Our Crane by Pond

Wallflower by Peacock Affect/George Holman  (listen to his other material here)

Fade Away by Susanne Sundfør

A Million Stars by McCluskey, Kroehler, Antonoff, Dost  (The D Train soundtrack)

I have not previously shared any of these tunes. All are from 2014-2015 albums. Are you familiar with any of these artists? Which new or old music are you currently listening to?


  1. Hi! Haven't commented here in a while. I have heard only the Melody Gardot song when I listened to the album. I highly recommend it all in case you haven't heard it all. It's a departure from her jazz sound. Not entirely but it's something new. I actually found out about the new album on the day of the release which was a big surprise for me.

    I am gonna check all of the songs. I see you have one from season 2 of True Detective. Haven't started watching it yet. Did you? And if so, is it any good?

    Regarding the state of music this year I actually think this has been a terrific year for albums so far. A lot better than 2014. I thought the records from Sleater Kinney, Mark Ronson, Bjork, Shamir, Roisin Murphy, Sufjan Stevens, Courtney Barnett, Laura Marling, Alabama Shakes and Melody Gardot were pretty great. Haven't listened to the Kendrick Lamar album yet. I feel like I have to make special time for that one.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. @thesoundandthescreen: Hi again ! Seems you are still following new music. Will you be returning to blogging?

      I have heard Melody Gardot's album, my verdict is not settled yet, my favorites are "It Gonna Come" and "Same to You". Love the album title and message about homelessness. Check the extended video of "It Gonna Come" for her speaking to a homeless man. The deluxe edition has two bonus tracks.

      Nope, not seen True Detective, season 2. Enjoyed season 1

      I guess music year by year is subjective, depending on what you like. I admit I prefer the 70s and 80s when there were many more timeless songs. I’ve read some high school kids these days prefer older music and are going back to bands such as Led Zeppelin:

      The albums you mention, Sufjan Stevens and Bjork are in my top 5. Sleater Kinney, Shamir, Courtney Barnett, & Laura Marling have received praise in some quarters, I didn’t connect with them(except Marling’s track ”Strange” which I love).
      Alabama Shakes and Roisin Murphy, thanks for the suggestions, Evil Eyes by Murphy I'm listening to tonight and enjoying.
      Mark Ronson I liked a few tracks such as Daffodils and Uptown Funk but I felt the album is overhyped. I like King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar though his music is not my thing. In case you missed my mid year music lists:

      Thanks for checking out these selections, and for supporting what I'm doing :)

    2. I am still following new music, I just don't listen to everything. I used to listen to every big album even if I knew I'd hate it. For example, I skipped the Mumford and Sons album this year because I knew it would be awful.

      I do plan on returning to blogging soon. Maybe this month, in the coming weeks.

      I watched the video for It Gonna Come. I have mixed feelings about homeless people as there are many who take advantage of the mercy of strangers. However, this shouldn't be a way to live, especially in well developed countries like the U.S. I am glad that she took a different direction with this album as it's nothing like she has ever done before. She strayed from her jazzy sounds and love songs. She's a very interesting artist (I assume you've heard about her accident and why she has to wear glasses at all times) and is one I wish to see live. I'm glad you like her work.

      I heard a lot of people being mixed of the second season of True Detective. It's a shame it's not as good as season 1. I'll check it once it ends airing.

      I read the Forbes article. Thank you for sharing. It was very interesting and very true. I agree with the changes between the 60's and 70's to the world of today. I think the most recent bands that come the closest to those from the early age of rock and roll are The White Stripes and the Black Keys.

      Strange is one of the most memorable tracks on her new album. I'm glad you like Evil Eyes. Have you seen the video? I think it's excellent. I like the Bergman references.

      Let It Happen is my number one single for the year too. It's just stellar. I am going to check the new album soon.

      I also checked the tracks you shared here with Fade Away being the favorite.

      I enjoy reading your articles. Here's too even more of them!

    3. @thesoundandthescreen: Thanks for the info about Melody Gardot. I just read her Wikipedia. Not listened to all her albums yet, but intend to.
      We need music that addresses big issues such as homelessness, I admire Melody Gardot’s ambition on the album. She is a humanitarian, and I like she shows this in her lyrics. Other public figures I can think of only do it in their private life, and not in their art.
      There are those who have chosen to be homeless, and I think we should let them do that, if it makes sense to them. Of course many want to get off the streets. It depends.
      I know (in the UK), there are fake beggars who take advantage by pretending to be penniless, and this robs the actual homeless people of the kindness of strangers:

      This week, I listened to Tame Impala's new album on NPR First Listen. Let It Happen is the best track, but there are other good ones, such as "Eventually". For me, “Past Life” has the most beautiful opening synth of any song in 2015:

      The White Stripes are a band I need to explore. Jack White’s solo album Lazaretto was in my top 10 last year.

      The Evil Eyes video is very surreal. (The song is good too and is now in my top 30) The girl in bed looks like the singer as a child. Bergman’s Persona is an interesting influence.

      Glad you enjoy my posts. Hope to see you around in the blogosphere!

  2. Only heard the first song because of True Detective. Feel like I only reach out to find new music when I have the need for new music. And even then I mostly end up listening to new old music. Which is where you come in! Always end up here when I'm on the search for something new.

    1. @Jaina: Well I’m happy my site is one of your go-to places for discovering music :) Read your tweet that you’re listening to Melody Gardot. ”It Gonna Come” and "Same to You" are tracks from her album I’ve been playing a lot. I like her vocal and Gardot seems like a person with her heart in the right place.

  3. YAY! I love the Gardot, SOAK, and Sundfør tracks. By the way, I finally listened to Currency of Man, and it'd be somewhere in my top 10 albums of the year at the moment. :)

    1. @Josh: Nice you liked Gardot’s Currency of Man. I don’t know if I’ll still want to listen to the album at the end of the year. Many new albums these days I get tired of quickly. Hopefully a keeper.


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