Top 10 songs by New Order

Following the untimely death of Ian Curtis, the remaining members of Joy Division changed their name and returned as New Order. I love them primarily as a singles band.  Run is a great single, but the 1989 album Technique I consider overrated, and its plonkity-plonk sound is a bit dated now. Disc 1 of Substance (1987) is my favorite album by New Order.

You can listen to my top 10 below on the YouTube playlist I created

1.) Bizarre Love Triangle (from 1986's Brotherhood)
2.) True Faith (from 1987's compilation album Substance)
3.) Temptation (1982 single)
4.) Ceremony (1981 single)
5.) Your Silent Face (from 1983's Power, Corruption & Lies)
6.) Blue Monday 88 (1988 single)
7.) Everything's Gone Green (1981 single)
8.) Procession  (1981 single)
9.) Elegia (from 1985's Low-Life) (used in the 1986 John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink)
10.) The Perfect Kiss (from 1985's Low-Life)

Honorable mentions:
Age Of Consent (from 1983's Power, Corruption & Lies)
Thieves Like Us (1984 single)
Run (from 1989's Technique)
Vanishing Point (from 1989's Technique)
Crystal (from 2001's Get Ready)
Ecstasy (from 1983's Power, Corruption & Lies)
All Day Long (from 1986's Brotherhood)
1963 (from 1987's compilation album Substance)
Dreams Never End (from 1981's Movement)
Doubts Even Here (from 1981's Movement)
Confusion (1983 single)
I'll Stay With You (from 2013's Lost Sirens)
Hellbent (from 2013's Lost Sirens)
Touched By The Hand Of God (from 1988's Salvation! soundtrack)

Agree or disagree? Which are your favorite albums or tracks by New Order?


  1. Great ranked list! I'm a fan!

    1. Missed some great ones:my list is this
      2.Bizarre love triangle
      3.true faith
      5.Regret vigilantes
      7.Age of Consent
      8.The perfect kiss
      9.Blue Monday
      10.Thieves like us
      Note: Love will tear us apart would be on hear but it doesn't count technically. I'm only 15 and I love 80's, wish I could go back instead of listening to today's trash

    2. Thanks for joining in and sharing your New Order favorites

  2. For me...

    1. Bizarre Love Triangle
    2. Age of Consent
    3. Perfect Kiss
    4. Ceremony
    5. Temptation
    6. Confusion
    7. Dreams Never End
    8. Touched by the Hand of God
    9. Crystal
    10. In a Lonely Place

    "Blue Monday" is a song I used to love but like many classic rock and alternative rock songs on the radio, I'm fucking tired of that song.

  3. @thevoid99: Awesome we have the same #1! 9 of your top 10 are from the 1980s, I agree New Order were in their prime back then. Good catch on Crystal from 2001's Get Ready, I should add that my list.

  4. How have I never heard of this band, especially since I'm a Joy Division fan?! I'll have to check out their work.

    1. @Josh: Side projects/solo careers often tend to be watered down variations of the original line-up. In the case of New Order, they were actually a big deal, especially as a singles band. Give them a try, and see what you think! The playlist I shared contains New Order’s best known hits.


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