Top 100 songs of 2014 (tracks 100-91)

I said last year I wouldn't do a top 100 songs from 2014 because it's time-consuming. In the end I listened to a lot of new albums during the year, so I would be doing a disservice to myself and the blogging community if I didn't share what I discovered. If any great music should be released in December I can always do an overlooked post in Jan. So what did 2014 have to offer? Let's see:

My Enemy by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr
(From Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack)

Day Go By by Karen O
(Moon Song from Her soundtrack was beautiful. The new album by the singer consists of acoustic recordings. Day Go By is the track I have played the most)

Ring Off by Beyoncé
(From the deluxe edition of her self-titled album, out Nov 24)

FALLINLOVE2NITE by Prince and Zooey Deschanel
(Very catchy tune, why is it missing from his two new albums?)

(Wowed me on first listen. Still good after a few plays. The video is a bit Hunger Games-esque)

Spiritual Leather by Sean Rowe
(While I don’t rate Madman as his best album, his deep baritone vocal has presence and is instantly recognizable. A beautifully written song.  The “Desiree” video is a fun departure from his usual melancholy style. “Shine My Dog” is another strong track. The lead single “Madman” is just ok, and not my favorite.
Lyrics: “Toes that dent the sand, melancholy feelings, I am still your man, feeling is believing, wars come into my dreams, they needle me awake. The road is long and wider than forever, I hope we’re that strong spiritual leather. Time, she was never such a friend she never cried for me. Time, she was never a friend, she never waits for me. What is the answer to every question, what is the reason for every direction, if we burn the answer for our protection, would that be ok? The sun is filled with lies promises and laughter, now I can’t be that wise, but I have seen the after. Slow, slow, that mamma down, I gotta get back home, slow, slow that mamma down, I gotta get back home”)

Gunshot by Lykke Li
A melancholy breakup album, so a bit of a downer, though it does have moments of beauty. The vocal has been reverbed so much though, that it at times undermines the emotional impact she is going for. I love the chorus in Gunshot)

Tomorrow by The Roots
(Not a fan of the album except this track)

American Dream Plan B by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
(Love the guitar)

Wanderer Wandering by Slow Club
(A dreamy track, which builds up to a beautiful ending)

Listened to any of these albums? Which are your favorites of the year? As always, comments are welcome. Tracks 90-81 coming soon!


  1. I almost forgot about FallinLove2Nite. That was hilarious when Prince guest starred in New Girl.

    Didn't expect you to mention Beyonce. I wanted to hear it but it didn't response. Maybe it was overload (?)

  2. @Andina: Haven’t seen New Girl tv-show, I like the new Prince song with Zooey Deschanel!

    Beyoncé is an artist I enjoy a few individual tracks by, I'm not really a fan of her albums in their entirety. I just changed the dead link to Beyoncé song, should work now :)

  3. Wait...Zooey Deschanel sings? The song is cute, but rather meh.

    The Roots track is my fave of this batch. I actually love the album as a whole. Just another wonderful concept album in what has become a string of them for the group.

    Wasn't familiar with the other songs so I gave them a listen. I really like Gunshot, though that video was weird. Also like the Tom Petty track. Didn't know he had new music out. The Bey once song was interesting, too. Far different than her radio stuff.

    1. @Wendell Ottley: Yes, Zooey Deschanel sings, usually with the band She & Him. FALLINLOVE2NITE is a tad repetitive yet still good enough to just sneak onto my top 100, I have a couple more new Prince songs which will feature later on, however none of them are as great as his 80s work.
      Glad you liked those other tracks. The Roots album just wasn’t for me, not into hiphop myself. The quality of the Beyoncé song surprised me, especially since it’s only a bonus track. Tom Petty I’m not really familiar with, his new album is not bad.

  4. Prince and Zooey did a song together? That's pretty wild.

    Digging the Roots track. I need to give the rest of the album a listen.

    Looking forward to more of the countdown!

    1. Eric @The Warning Sign: I didn’t expect that from Prince, fun collaboration. Like last year, I’ll be counting down the top 100 during December. I’ll do a favorite albums post as well. Thanks for following along!

  5. I love that "My Enemy" made the cut. That film is probably going to be my Best Original Score winner by a mile. I still need to check out alt-J's and Karen O's albums, but I also like "FALLINLOVE2NITE" and "American Dream Plan B". Great list.

    1. @Josh: Glad you enjoyed a few from my tracklist! The Karen O album was ok but I wouldn’t call it essential listening. I would say the same about new album from alt-J which I had a lukewarm reaction to besides 1-2 tracks.

  6. I really like "Gunshot." Hear it a while back and dug it. Catchy tune there.

    1. @Alex Withrow: Gunshot is pretty catchy! The first two tracks on the album I Never Learn and No Rest For The Wicked are the other stand-outs for me


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