Top 10 songs by Radiohead

I've recently been listening to the 8 studio albums by Radiohead. I only knew the band's hits before then. Radiohead are a little too miserable to become an old-time favorite group of mine(to quote the deformed man from Under the Skin at 2.20), but I do like their music in moderation. I've listed my personal favorites below:

1 Creep (from 1993's Pablo Honey)
2 Reckoner (from 2007's In Rainbows) (also: Choke soundtrack)
No Surprises (from 1997's OK Computer)
Everything in Its Right Place (from 2000's Kid A) (also: Vanilla Sky soundtrack)
5 Karma Police (from 1997's OK Computer)
6 Paranoid Android (from 1997's OK Computer)
7 Street Spirit (from 1995's The Bends)
Pyramid Song (from 2001's Amnesiac)
High and Dry (from 1995's The Bends)
10 Just (from 1995's The Bends)

Just missed out:
My Iron Lung (from 1995's The Bends)
Planet Telex (from 1995's The Bends)
The Bends (from 1995's The Bends)
Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic version) (from Clueless soundtrack)
Talk Show Host (from Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack)
Let Down (from 1997's OK Computer)
The Tourist (from 1997's OK Computer)
How to Disappear Completely (from 2000's Kid A)
Knives Out (from 2001's Amnesiac)
You & Whose Army? (from 2001's Amnesiac)
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (from 2007's In Rainbows)
Lotus Flower (from 2011's The King of Limbs)
Morning Mr Magpie (from 2011's The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement)

Are you a fan of Radiohead? Feel free to share your own favorite songs or albums in the comments, or tell me what I overlooked


  1. I love that you have 'Karma Police' there, love it, Fake Plastic Treas, The Tourist, Weird Fishes, There There are some of my favs but my ultimate two favorites are 'How to Dissappear...." and Idioteque

    1. @Sati: Weird Fishes is soothing. How to Disappear is haunting for sure- a commenter at songmeanings said everyone has a different opinion about the lyrics.
      Idioteque is intense, and shame on me for overlooking There There which was nominated for a Grammy. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  2. I can't pick 10 songs. There's too many of them that are so good. After all, they're my 2nd favorite band ever behind NIN. OK Computer is my 2nd favorite album of all-time behind the Stone Roses' debut album. They're in that bucket list of bands I need to see live. Where's "House of Cards" from In Rainbows and "Thinking About You" from Pablo Honey?

    1. @thevoid99: I didn’t know Radiohead is your 2nd fav band behind Nine Inch Nails. I also struggled with narrowing it down to only 10, which is why I included the just missed category. OK Computer is among my favorite albums by them, The Bends is great too. I’m still a Radiohead newcomer so I’ll let others rank the albums. I just gave Thinking About You and House of Cards another listen, I quite like both.

    2. OK, here's my ranking of the Radiohead albums:

      1. OK Computer
      2. Kid A
      3. The Bends
      4. In Rainbows
      5. Amnesiac
      6. Hail to the Thief
      7. My Iron Lung EP
      8. The King of Limbs
      9. Pablo Honey

    3. @thevoid99: Thanks for sharing! Yeah, Pablo Honey is my least favorite Radiohead album too, although it does have that killer single.

  3. I actually love Street Spirit. I love The Bends album. Karma Police also great. I don't follow their newest music though.

    1. @Andina: Yep, The Bends is a strong album. Street Spirit and Karma Police (from OK Computer)are favorites of mine too.

  4. Saw your tweet -- sorry it took so long to get back to you. Man, it's so hard to whittle down Radiohead's catalog to just ten songs, but that's a pretty solid list right there. I'm pretty sure I would include three of them in my own top ten, those being Reckoner, Everything In Its Right Place and Street Spirit.

    Some of my other favorites: Jigsaw Falling Into Place, You and Whose Army?, Idioteque, There There, The National Anthem, I Might Be Wrong, Knives Out, Talk Show Host, House of Cards.

    For albums, In Rainbows is my favorite. I'd say my favorite period from them was 2000-2007, with Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows all being phenomenal albums.

    Anyway, so cool to hear you have been digging into their discography! I also recommend looking into Thom Yorke's side projects, too. I really like The Eraser.

    1. Eric @The Warning Sign: Yes, I agree, tough to narrow down to a top 10, and the ranking would probably look different if I listened to all the albums a few more times.
      Thanks for sharing those loved tracks. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a single I just gave another listen, I should have included it, good catch! The National Anthem & I Might Be Wrong are alright but I find the beat in both to be slightly repetitive, although if I was to hear them as many times as you undoubtedly have I might change my mind :)
      I thought Tom Yorke’s 2014 solo album was weaker than his Radiohead output, I’m game for checking out The Eraser, thanks for the recommendation! Glad we agree Reckoner, Everything In Its Right Place and Street Spirit deserve to be in the top 10

  5. Radiohead is HUGE blind spot for me, as I've only listened to OK Computer in its entirety. "Exit Music (For A Film)" would probably be my favorite track currently, but I really need to check out the rest of their work.

    1. @Josh: Well at least you’ve listened to OK Computer, which is arguably Radiohead’s best album!
      I like Exit Music For A Film, it's quite haunting.

  6. I'd forgotten Fake Plastic Trees had appeared on the clueless soundtrack - nice to see No surprises crack the top 3!

  7. @Geoff Stephen: Clueless is so quotable. Fake Plastic Trees is introduced by way of a joke: "what is it about college and cry baby music?"


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