Favorite songs by Prince (tracks 40-31)

31 She’s Always in My Hair (From 1993’s The Hits/The B-Sides)
(Arguably among Prince’s best B-sides from the 80s. Released as the B-side to Raspberry Beret.  The track has proven it’s endurance in that Prince still plays SAIMH live)

32 Erotic City (or listen here) (From 1990 maxi single, extended dance mix)
(Incredibly funky, and incredibly dirty. Released as the B-side to the Purple Rain era single "Let's Go Crazy")

33 I Wish U Heaven (From 1988’s Lovesexy)
(Love the keyboard. The video is pretty bonkers, I wonder who he wishes goes to heaven. Perhaps everyone?)

34 Strange Relationship (From 1986’s Dream Factory)
(Strange relation ship ship ship….I prefer the instrumentation on Dream Factory alternative version which is different to the 1987 Sign o' the Times version)

35 Soft and Wet (From 1978’s For You)
(Such a fun, groovy sound. The song which got him noticed)

36 Why Do You Want To Treat Me so Bad? (From 1979’s Prince)
(I love the chorus)

37 Automatic (From 1982’s 1999)
(Probably goes on slightly too long. Even so, the beat is incredibly catchy)

38 Gold (From 1995’s The Gold Experience)
(The lyrics are a tad cliché, I love the instrumentation)

39 In This Bed I Scream by Prince (From 1996’s Emancipation)
(I sense this is the song on Emancipation’s disc 1 Prince put the most effort into, and could have been a single. The section where he sings and then the guitar answers back was a fun idea)

40 Compassion (From 2010’s 20ten)
(I didn’t expect a lot from an album that was given away for free with a newspaper. Compassion is possibly my favorite Prince song of this decade so far)

Be sure to stop by next time for tracks 30-21 as I continue the countdown! Which are your favorites from these Prince albums? As always, comments are welcome.


  1. I love "Automatic". Synth-funk at its finest as I also liked "Gold" because its guitar solo. BTW, have you seen Jamie Foxx's Prince impressions on In Living Color? Here is one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7lexXAzrwc

    It's so fucking hilarious.

    1. @thevoid99: Automatic is excellent. Gold is a very upbeat ballad, that keyboard play has a healing effect, and yes, the final guitar solo is impressive. I read Prince was touting ”Gold” as the next "Purple Rain" to reporters before the album's release. I’ll check out the Jamie Foxx clip, thanks

  2. I love Soft and Wet. Like you said, such a fun song.

  3. @Wendell Ottley: Indeed, Soft and Wet is a fun track


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