Favorite songs by Prince (tracks 30-21)

21  Do Me Baby (or listen here) (From 1981’s Controversy)
(The song has grown on me with repeats plays. Which is better, the long album version or shorter single version? The live or studio edit? I haven’t decided)

22  Uptown (or listen here) (From 1980’s Dirty Mind)
(You just want to get up and dance to this)

23  Mountains (From 1986’s Parade - Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon)
(I can listen to Mountains on repeat. Interestingly, Under The Cherry Moon was the first role in a movie for a young Kristin Scott Thomas. A movie I haven’t seen)

24  Pop Life (or listen here) (From 1985’s Around the World in a Day)
(Just all around great dance pop)

25  Head (From 1980’s Dirty Mind)  
(A daring, controversial song, even today)

26 When We’re Dancing Close and Slow (From 1979’s Prince)
(A slow ballad, which can stir the emotions. Too bad I couldn’t locate the full song)

27  17 Days (From 1993’s The Hits/The B-Sides)
(The quality of B-sides during the Purple Rain era is very high. 17 Days appeared on the flipside of his most successful single "When Doves Cry" (1984)

28  Money Don't Matter 2 Night (From 1991’s Diamonds and Pearls)
(Just immediately draws me in. I like to think it's about valuing the free things in life such as the soul, although the lyrics could also be about reckless spending)

29  Cream (From 1991’s Diamonds and Pearls)
(With a killer opening, the track really needed a flashy music video. Which it delivers)

30  I Wanna Be Your Lover (single version) (From 1979’s Prince)
(Was his first hit, gaining heavy radio airplay and chart success)

Be sure to stop by next time for tracks 20-11 as I continue the countdown to #1! Which are your favorites from these Prince albums? As always, comments are welcome.


  1. "Do Me Baby" is hilarious. I love that song as I also love "Cream" (which is inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex) and "Money Don't Matter 2Night" which is one of Prince's underrated songs. One of my favorite ballads of his on the Parade album (which I love) is "Sometimes It Snows in April". Under the Cherry Moon is horrible despite its look but the music however is great.

    1. @thevoid99: Good catch on Sometimes It Snows In April, I need to give the Parade album another spin. The movie looks underwhelming and probably only for Prince completists.
      Didn’t know Cream was inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex. Not familiar with T-Rex except Bang a Gong (Get It On), and the Moulin Rouge cover of Children of the Rev, I should look into their other singles.

    2. The film Dallas Buyers Club played a lot of Bolan's work while one of the best T-Rex songs ever (and certainly one of my all-time favorite songs ever that is so good that it's one of those songs I will strip to) is "20th Century Boy".

    3. @thevoid99: I'm in for a treat then, since I don't know T-Rex's music very well. I've seen Dallas Buyers Club, don't remember the use of music.

  2. I like "Do Me Baby". Lots of songs on this list are previews. I guess it's hard is it to find the full songs in Youtube? I don't like many Prince back then. But then I saw him in New Girl singing with Zooey, the track isn't bad.

    1. @Andina: Can be overwhelming with all the Prince albums, the place to start is his best album Purple Rain, or maybe his greatest hits. Glad you like Do Me Baby.
      2 of them(”When We’re Dancing Close and Slow” and ”Head”) are previews, the other 8 are full songs. You’re right, many are unavailable on youtube, I think it’s copyright. I quite like Zooey Deschanel/Prince song FALLINLOVE2NITE

  3. Glad you have Pop Life in the top 25. Such an overlooked song. Same goes for When We're Dancing Close and Slow.

    Confession: I actually like Me'lissa Morgan's cover of Do Me Baby better than Prince's original. Sorry.

  4. @Wendell Ottley: I heard a critic in documentary "Prince: The Glory Years Unauthorized (2008)" say Raspberry Beret "saved" 1985’s Around the World in a Day album, which I disagree with, the other singles are good too: Pop Life, Paisley Park, and I noticed you have America in your top 25.
    I've never heard Melissa Morgan's cover of Do Me Baby-gonna check it out!


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