Top 10 songs by Kate Bush

1.) Deeper Understanding (From 1989’s The Sensual World)
2.) Wuthering Heights (From 1978’s The Kick Inside)
3.) This Woman’s Work (From 2011’s Directors Cut)
4.) Running Up That Hill (From 1985’s Hounds of Love) 
5.) The Sensual World (From 1989’s The Sensual World)
6.) The Man with the Child in His Eyes (From 1978’s The Kick Inside)
7.) Never Be Mine (From 1989’s The Sensual World)
8.) There Goes a Tenner (From 1982’s The Dreaming)
9.) Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel (feat. Kate Bush) (From 1986’s So)
10.) The Dreaming (From 1982’s The Dreaming)

Just missed out:
Moving (From 1978’s The Kick Inside)
Oh To Be In Love (From 1978’s The Kick Inside)
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake (From 1978’s Lionheart)
Wow (From 1978’s Lionheart)
Delius (Song of Summer) (From 1980’s Never For Ever)
Breathing (From 1980’s Never For Ever)
Babooshka (From 1980’s Never For Ever)
Army Dreamers (From 1980’s Never For Ever)
Get Out Of My House (From 1982’s The Dreaming)
Sat in Your Lap (From 1982’s The Dreaming)
Pull Out the Pin (From 1982’s The Dreaming)
Hello Earth (From 1985’s Hounds of Love)
Cloudbusting (From 1985’s Hounds of Love)
Hounds of Love (From 1985’s Hounds of Love)
The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix) (From 1985’s Hounds of Love)
And Dream Of Sheep (From 1985's Hounds of Love)
Experiment IV (From 1986's The Whole Story)
Love and Anger (From 1989’s The Sensual World)
And So Is Love (From 1993’s The Red Shoes)
You're The One (From 1993’s The Red Shoes)
King of the Mountain (From 2005’s Aerial) 
Aerial (From 2005’s Aerial)
How To Be Invisible (From 2005’s Aerial)

Any thoughts on my list? Agree or disagree? Did I miss anything by Kate Bush you love? In case you missed it, I ranked her studio albums here.


  1. I'll have to check some of these out as I'm not that familiar with Kate Bush's work. My boss at work is her biggest fan and has a 15 x 8 foot picture plastered across an entire wall at his home!

    1. @Dan: Enjoy! I don’t have the poster myself :) In fact I only started listening to her albums this year.
      I also ranked her discography, which I linked to at the end of the post.


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