2014 tracks I'm listening to (2 of 2)

Treat by Kasabian (love the chorus: “everybody knows, I work it like a treat”)
Glass by Kasabian (the spoken word last section of the song hit me in a "Trainspotting choose life" kind of way)

Fuckers by Savages (Kind of a female Joy Division. Opening 4 min wow, the rest is just...noise)

Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J (what is this I'm listening to? Really odd and captivating )

Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) by Linkin Park (Only track I enjoyed on album. I like the guitar riff )

Take Me To Church by Sinead O'Connor (She has a lot on her mind, the lyrics are dense)

Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) by Coldplay (I prefer the remix. From new album the opening track Always In My Head is quite haunting)

Palace by The Antlers (A melancholy album, featuring a storyline about abusive relationships and loss. Silberman has stated that the album is mostly auto-biographical. The LP as a whole was underwhelming and too samey, and especially the saxophone is overused on too many tracks )

The Dancer Disappears by Dean Wareham (I remember enjoying his collaborations with Britta Phillips, this was the most memorable track on new solo album)

Turn Blue by The Black Keys ("I got to stay on track just like Pops told me to")

I'm Less Here by Mazzy Star (new single, the guitar play is what stands out to me)

Trouble’s Lament by Tori Amos

Past Life by Lost in the Trees

Natural Harp Monitor  by Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound (As if you are swimming with a whale underwater)

Agree or disagree? Heard any of this new music yet? What are you listening to, old or new? As always, comments are welcome


  1. Just listened to Turn Blue by Black Keys today. Very nice. Something I can really get into.

    Been giving Lana del Rey's new album, Ultraviolence, a listen too. It's taking me a while to get into. The mood of it is just so maudlin at times!

    1. @Jaina: Turn Blue is my favorite from Black Keys album, cool you like it too!
      I enjoyed about 2/3 of Ultraviolence, took me a few spins to get into the music as well. I think the maudlin aspect is just her style. Tough to know which are real or made up situations on the album, I don’t think it matters, it’s just art/music.

  2. AH!!! I hate Linkin Park. I will never, ever forgive them for butchering NIN's "Wish" and for that, they're my enemies for life.

    I do love that song by Savages.

    1. @thevoid99: Ha, well I prefer to forgive missteps, everyone makes mistakes. I dug that Savages track too.

    2. But when it comes to Nine Inch Nails.... what Linkin Park did was commit a great sin. They will die for that. To this day, NIN fans don't like Linkin Park.

  3. Don't know the songs. I've been listening to Ed Sheeran's new album quite a lot the last few days.

    1. @Nostra: "Sing" is easily my favorite from Ed Sheeran’s new album. "Don’t" is my second fav track on that.

  4. Thanks for the reminder on Turn Blue. Somehow that completely slipped past me. The title track is so much different than the rest of their work. Curious how the rest of the album sounds.

    That Savages track... man, that's pure rock 'n roll. I need to listen to more of them ASAP.

    Also enjoyed the Kasabian tracks.

    1. Eric @ The Warning Sign: No problem! Black Keys album is something I need to give a few more listens before I know what I feel. Kasabian album is in my top 20 of 2014.
      Savages released their debut album ”Silence Yourself” last year, ”She Will” and ”Shut Up” were the stand-out tracks for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kebq-cENNn0

  5. I still need to check out most of these, but I do love "Turn Blue." The album is one of my favorites of the year so far. It's one that just gets better for me on additional listens.

    1. @Josh: Turn Blue is quite popular in the comments :) I’m interested how the album holds up, I’ve only listened to it once.


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