Top 10 songs by The Cure

A rainy day, so what better thing to do! Very tough to narrow down, since the band have put out so many fantastic tracks. Take this as my personal top 10, not necessarily the most famous tracks:

1. The Funeral Party (from 1981's Faith)
2. Out Of This World (from 2000’s Bloodflowers)
3. Lullaby (From 1989's Disintegration)
4. Plainsong (From 1989's Disintegration)
5. Lovesong (From 1989's Disintegration)
6. The Loudest Sound (From 2000's Bloodflowers)
7. Just Like Heaven (From 1987’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
8. The Caterpillar (From 1984’s The Top)
9. Friday I'm in Love (From 1992’s The Wish)
10. The Walk (From 1983’s Japanese Whispers)

Just missed out:

A Strange Day (From 1982’s Pornography)
Fascination Street (From 1989's Disintegration)
Disintegration (From 1989's Disintegration)
The Upstairs Room (From 1983’s Japanese Whispers)
All Cats Are Grey (From 1981's Faith)
A Forest (From 1980's Seventeen Seconds)
A Night Like This (From 1985’s The Head on the Door)
In Between Days (From 1985’s The Head on the Door)
Let's Go To Bed (From 1983’s Japanese Whispers)
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (From 1987’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
Pictures Of You (From 1989's Disintegration)
Push (From 1985’s The Head on the Door)
Lament (From 1983’s Japanese Whispers)
Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix cover) (From Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities, 1978–2001)

Any thoughts on my list? Agree or disagree? Did I miss anything by The Cure you love?


  1. For me,

    1. Just Like Heaven
    2. Funeral Party
    3. Prayers for Rain
    4. Pictures of You
    5. Primary
    6. Push
    7. All Cats Are Grey
    8. Plainsong
    9. The Walk
    10. The Hanging Garden

    There's so many good songs that the band did. BTW, do you have their B-sides box set? The B-sides are fucking incredible. It's hard to make a list of 10 great songs by the Cure yet with the B-sides, it's fucking difficult.

  2. @thevoid99: Thanks for sharing your favorites, we have a few in common. There are a lot of great tracks to choose from, so everyone’s top 10 would probably be a little different.
    I haven’t listened to Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities 1978-2001: The Fiction Years, I mainly based the ranking on studio albums, Japanese Whispers, and the non-studio album singles. I should give those b-sides a listen soon.

  3. For me, I would list all of Seventeen Seconds and call it good. :D But seriously, you touched on a lot of my other favorites as well. I love The Cure's first three albums as well as Disintegration, but the rest I just couldn't get into (give or take a few singles).

    1. @in white rooms: Seventeen Seconds was actually my introduction to The Cure, and got me interested in the band. You're right that the albums after Disintegration (1989) are patchy, though I think BloodFlowers (2000) is a strong album, and a return to form. Thanks for stopping by!
      Everything post-Bloodflowers I couldn’t connect with.


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