The music of The Smiths (3 of 3)

The non-studio albums:

Album: Hatful Of Hollow - The Smiths (1984)

Thoughts: The mellower b-sides I actually think are superior to the Side A tracks on this compilation, and show a different side of the band.

Favorite tracks: This Night Has Opened My Eyes(lyrics inspired by the film A Taste of Honey (1961), Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Accept Yourself, Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Favorite lyric:
“Oh, people see no worth in you
Oh, but I do.”

Album: Louder Than Bombs (1987)

Thoughts: Of the two compilation albums they released in 1987, this is my favorite in terms of tracks included. Consisting of A-sides and B-sides, arguably as good a record as their studio albums.

Favorite tracks: Half a Person, Shoplifters of The World Unite, Asleep, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby, Rubber Ring, Ask,

Favorite lyrics:
“Is it wrong to want to live on your own?
No, it's not wrong - but I must know
How can someone so young
Sing words so sad?”

“tried living in the real world
instead of a shell
but before I began ...
I was bored before I even began”

“I don't dream about anyone - except myself!”

“But you know where you came from, you know where
You're going and you know where you belong
You said I was ill, and you were not wrong
But I can't believe you'd ever care
And this is why you will never care”

Album: The World Won't Listen – The Smiths (1987)

(Includes different versions of songs, that do not appear on Louder Than Bombs: "Money Changes Everything", "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side", "Stretch Out and Wait"(different version), "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore", and "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby"(different version).

Favorite track: Money Changes Everything (instrumental)

Readers, any thoughts on the music? Which of the Morrissey solo albums (1988-2009) would you recommend?


  1. I haven't heard a lot of solo work from Morrissey outside a best-of compilation as well as a few recent solo recordings like You Are the Quarry which I really love.

    1. @thevoid99: I'll keep that in mind what you said. Hopefully the best solo stuff is just as good as The Smiths.

  2. You know I love Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. I do love Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. Love the lyrics you favorited.

    1. @Andina: I like those tracks you mention. Yes, Morrissey and Johnny Marr wrote some great lyrics(and also great song titles too). I think The Smiths appeal to introverts and outsiders, and the music is like a friend.

  3. I probably have listened to some of The Smiths songs but just didn't know it. Now you make me want to listen to their stuff. I usually like UK bands.

    1. @Ruth: Hopefully you'll discover some music by The Smiths you like!

  4. Love me some Smiths music nice selection.

    1. @3guys1movie: Thanks, glad you liked the selections

  5. I love Louder than Bombs for the Peel Session tracks they included, but having said that I love them all.

    Morrissey's solo albums are a mixed bag, especially in the years immediately after the Smiths. There's a general decline down to 'Maladjusted' until a more mature (and bitter) Morrissey returned with 2004's classic 'You are the Quarry'; an album packed with dark humour and resentment, but with cracking tunes as well. Possibly, my favourite of his songs is included on 'Ringleader of the Tormentors' in the shape of the breath taking 'You have killed me'.

    I really envy anyone who can listen to any of his albums for the first time. Enjoy him he's a national treasure.

    1. @doccortex: Thanks for the comment! I'll probably dutifully go through all the solo albums eventually, even though they are not all great.
      Can't wait to hear You are the Quarry (2004), you are the second person on the thread who recommended it.


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