The music of The National (2 of 5)

Album: Boxer (2007)

(Probably my favorite of The National albums. I like the album title. During the creation of Boxer, bristling in-studio fights left the band wondering whether it was worth continuing at all. Eventually, they stopped halfway through recording to cool off, which saved the album and the band.
The album cover is a photo of the band performing "The Geese of Beverly Road" (from the band's third album Alligator) at producer Peter Katis' wedding. Boxer has made numerous "albums of the decade" lists including Pitchfork Media and Paste Magazine. You can read this very personal account of how the album had a special meaning for a reviewer at the Guardian.

Fake Empire
Green Gloves
Mistaken for Strangers
Slow Show

EP: The Virginia (2008)

Now that we are talking album sleeves, I wonder if there is a story behind that airplane wing? Other than the obvious that the band fly around to venues.

You've Done It Again, Virginia
Mansion On The Hill (live) (Bruce Springsteen cover)

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  1. I love that cover of Mansion on the Hill. It takes an interesting approach to the Nebraska tune and definitely does it justice. Boxer is obviously great too.

    1. @Dan Heaton: I like that Springsteen cover too, The National should do more cover songs! Glad you are a fan of Boxer as well.

  2. Great selections. It's always a tossup between Alligator and Boxer for my favorite album, but I have a strong personal connection to the latter. Always reminds me of my college days, as I had some friends who I would listen to that album with on repeat.

    1. @Eric: I can see how you could have kind of a nostalgic thing, if you listened to The National on repeat in college


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