In appreciation: The Jesus And Mary Chain (2 of 2)

Album: Honey's Dead (1992)

Almost Gold

Album: Stoned & Dethroned (1994)

Everybody I Know

You've Been a Friend

Album: Munki (1998)


While the band's albums from the 90s in my opinion are not as impressive as what they did in the 80s, there are nonetheless a few tracks here and there I liked, and have shared above.

Which are your favorite tracks or albums by The Jesus And Mary Chain? Are you new to the band as I was? As always, share your thoughts on the music in the comments.


  1. Everything after Honey's Dead was a mixed bag yet there are some gems like "Sometimes Always" w/ Hope Sandoval which is a song I just love.

  2. @thevoid99: I agree, a mixed bag during the 90s. "Sometimes Always" is pretty good.

  3. I quite like this one too, especially 'Rollercoaster' which is ironically the first CD I ever bought. I hated them compared to vinyl but eventually I cracked and bought the JAMC EP. I've never bought an MP3 though and don't aim too.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories and theviod99 looks they know what they're talking about. Must check out his/her blog if it exists.

    1. @doccortex: Not sure if you mean Rollercoaster the EP or Rollercoaster the song. Either way, I'll give that a re-listen

      You can visit music site of thevoid99 here:


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