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Garden - Karen Elson


Come on sister - Belle and Sebastian

(As a fan, initially I was not mad about the new album. Some tracks have grown on me since. I previously shared Calculating Bimbo, my favourite from their 2010 album)


I Want The World To Stop - Belle and Sebastian

(I want the world to stop sometimes too)

Readers, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Ilove anything by Belle and Sebastin. Good call!

  2. Belle and Sebastion are one of my favorite bands. Same with you, I wasn't really feeling the new album as a whole when I first heard it, but I Want The World To Stop always struck me as a great song.

  3. @Colleen : Belle and Sebastian have such an amazing back catalogue , I am in awe of them ( :

    @Bonjour Tristesse: One of my favourite bands also ( :


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