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Continuing my top songs of 2010...

If You Run - The Boxer Rebellion

(Found on list of contenders for best original song at 2011 Oscars, I think this could win. IMO the other contenders were useless...Guitars remind me of U2. The related movie is the romantic comedy “Going the distance”)


Behind The Mask - Michael Jackson

(The first 2 min are amazing. For me, his best and most personal lyrics since the 1995 album History. For the record, I disliked his album Invincible (2001), and the rest of Michael (2010) was disappointing.

(For me, his most personal song since the 1995 album History. Not really a new song, co-written with Eric Clapton. The only song I liked on Michael (2010)


I'm a Hummingbird - Eels

(Beautiful and haunting)


  1. 'If You Run' by Boxer Rebellion is great to listen when it's rain (mellow mood). 'Spitting Fire' is more uplifting

  2. @Andina : Thanks for the song suggestion


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