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(Singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom's album "Have one on me" for me is a highlight of 2010. Readers, what are your top albums of the year?)

Good intentions paving company - Joanna Newsom


On a good day - Joanna Newsom


Kingfisher - Joanna Newsom


  1. Top albums for me this year, although I didn't get to hear as many as usual:

    1. Phosphorescent - Here's To Takling It Easy
    2. The Len Price 3 - Pictures
    3. Otis Gibbs - Joe Hill's Ashes
    4. Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
    5. Joel Alme - Waiting for the Bells

    Knowing your tastes, you won't like 2 and 4 much...

  2. thank you! I always appreciate suggestions!

  3. I'll be posting a full list on my blog in the next couple of weeks, but Anais Mitchell's Hadestown and David Byrne & Fatboy Slim's Here Lies Love are two of my favourites of the year.

  4. Thanks for the album recommendations! I'll check out soon your full list , Alex.

    I will be posting some of my top songs of the year in December and January.


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