You loved a scene, but the the rest of the movie sucked? Shoot!

My 7 clips are below. I hope we can start a comment thread here. Over to you bloggers in blogosphere...

The only scene I thought was funny in The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) :

Watchmen (2009)

(Loved the intro scene! This movie might grow on me, but I disliked it the first time. Perhaps I need to read the graphic novel it's based on. The violence in the jail sequence in the middle of the film I found unnecessary and turned me off)

Watchmen Intro from Hanz Meier on Vimeo.

I don't see what all the hoppla was about Annie Hall (1977), only scene I found interesting and amusing was waiting in line to go to the pictures:

Mystery Men (1999)
This Tom Waits clip didn't even make the movie, a deleted scene I thought was hilarious:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

The first 15 minutes (pre-credits) I think are amazing: beginning scene, train scene

The Opposite of Sex (1998)
(Loved first 10 min with sarcastic voice-over, the rest of the movie to me mediocre)

Blue Valentine (2010)
(That's a weird name clip. A few cute scenes, overall didn't like entire film)

Sorry if you love the entire movies above, they are my choices, no offense intended!

Share a particular scene you love, where you disliked the rest of the movie, in the comments! ( :


  1. i LOVE every part about eternal sunshine. I URGE you to watch it one more time!

  2. @Anything but Bland : I know eternal sunshine is one of your fav movies, I watched it twice already. But I just don't like the fantasy elements ) : I would have prefered the entire film had stuck to the atmosphere in the intro. It seemed like at the 15 min mark the tone of the film totally changed.

  3. I love Mallrats, but it is, undeniably, a very shitty movie.

    the plot is sloppy and a lot of the characters are 2-D camp, but I continue to re-watch it (and even bought the DVD) because of Brodie Bruce. I love all of his dialogue, but especially this scene:

    somehow one of the most beautiful, real descriptions of a failed relationship occurs in such a terrible movie. it's kind of a baffling irony.

    (though Mallrats is also the progenitor of "tell 'em, Steve-Dave!" which I do think alone justifies its existence.)

    I haven't seen any of the above movies except Annie Hall and Eternal Sunshine, both of which I haven't watched in a while. but I sort of had the reverse of this blog's topic with Annie Hall, in that I liked most of it, but cannot STAND the little montage at the end. we just watched the movie, Ralph Rosenblum; we don't need to be reminded what happened.

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  5. argh, that clip got removed!

    there's a truncated version on Hulu (does not quite do the scene justice):

  6. I hated everything about Dogma that didn't involve Alan Rickman. Does that count?

  7. @Erin: Mallrats I have yet to see, thanks for the link to the scene. Your comments about it are intriguing, I’ll have to see it soon ( :

    I like movie scenes in malls, don’t know why, I didn’t like Jackie brown, but liked the mall atmosphere depicted. Incidentally, you can search for “mall movies” in goggle, if you have 5 minutes to kill.
    For me, Chasing Amy is the best Kevin Smith film I saw so far, I liked it better than Clerks.

    I think "Annie Hall" is a love it or hate it kind of deal, a lot of Woody Allen stuff is.

  8. @Simon: Sure the Rickman scenes count, if you liked them. Although I really can’t remember much from Kevin Smith's Dogma at all, I saw it 10 years ago. I don’t know if that’s my bad memory or because it was a forgettable film. Either way, I should probably rewatch some day ( :

  9. I have to agree, 'Eternal Sunshine' is a great movie :) but it's up to your opinion.

    Watchmen I didn't get at all. Maybe before I watch it I should read the comic, I don't know. But yes, the picture however is good.

  10. @ThreeLilly : I realize a lot of people loved 'Eternal Sunshine', so I'm probably in the minority with that. I actually really liked the soundtrack, I'll be sharing a song or 2 soon ( :

  11. I think that most Kevin Smith movies fit this description... except maybe Clerks, which really is a love all of it or hate all of it (and its obnoxiously witty, almost Shakespearean dialogue, which I ashamedly do enjoy).

    Mallrats - watch it for Jason Lee + Fanboy/Steve-Dave
    Chasing Amy - for Jason Lee (sorry but I can't stand Ben Affleck's melodramatic antics in this; he should be restricted to funny comedy character parts like in Extract)
    Dogma - Alan Rickman (+ Fanboy/Steve-Dave)
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - ummmm, Gus Van Sant cameo?
    Jersey Girl - George Carlin?
    Clerks II - uhhhhh

    yeah, actually maybe I should just stop watching Kevin Smith movies, as apparently I'm not getting much out of them.

    mostly for me, though, I'll end up watching movies I dislike just because I like an actor in them. I'll go through a phase of watching everything in their repertoire, so that I'll have fond memories of scenes they've been in in movies that otherwise do, y'know, suck. at least it provides something to blog about.

  12. @Erin : Sounds like I should give Clerks a second chance, and skip clerks 2, based on your comments. I do a similar thing regarding Edward Norton, IMHO he is such a good actor, I find myself watching everything he was in, even the mediocre films. Sarah Polley is another example of an actress I also "follow". I used to follow Ethan Hawke, love his choices in scripts in the 90s. Probably a handful of other actors I watch out for I'm forgetting.

    And I think it's normal for movie lovers to go through phases with a certain director.

  13. I agree with you on Watchmen, Annia Hall & Eternal Sunshine... those movies sucked but there were a couple of good scenes in them. In Annie Hall I liked the cocaine scene. And the beginning of both, Watchmen, and Eternal Sunshine was interesting and very promising.

  14. @Minoccio: Welcome to the blog ! And thanks for the follow+ your comments on the other reviews.

    I don't remember the cocaine scene in Annie Hall, I'll see if I can find it on youtube.

    If you're wondering how I discovered your site, it was on jump_raven 's blog. Hope you keep commenting and visiting in future. Although I can't promise we will always agree ( :

  15. @moviesandsongs365
    I really like you blog, and the movies you review. I also see that you're a big iPod fan, just like myself.
    In Annie Hall, I'm talking about the scene where Woody sneezed into the cocaine.

  16. @Minoccio : Thanks, I try and make my blog user-friendly and useful. I agree with what you say on your profile about having something written down to look back at.

    Yes, music is a big part of my life, I'm more of a song person than an album person.

    I found the Annie hall scene, pretty funny.

    I like your blog idea of going through the IMDB top 250, so see you around in the blogosphere ( :

  17. Nice job stirring up some controversy saying some people's favorite movies only have 1 good scene - that's brave!

    I was thinking that today about It's A Wonderful Life...great ending...but it takes so long to get there.

  18. @RC : Compared to what I usually do it's brave. To be fair, I wasn't trying to be controversial, I was just stating my opinion. As I said it wasn't my intention to offend at all.

    But any time you are critical of much-loved films, it tends to end up with people defending their favs. And I'm happy to see a defense ( :

    I haven't seen "A Wonderful Life" in ages, I remember really liking the film, you'll have to wait for my opinion when I review it.

  19. Im happy to not be the only one who thought Eternal Sunshine was a waste of time. A little harsh I know, but I just wasn't a fan.

    1. @Gregory Roy: I really wanted to like Eternal Sunshine, I wouldn't call it a waste of time, the story just never won me over completely. Maybe a little too quirky for me (except the first 15 minutes. )


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