Film review: Scent of a woman (1992)

This film always brings a smile to my face. Among my favourites of all time for sure. Why is it not in the IMDB top 250?

I realise this is my second recommendation were the main character is blind, the other being The Color of Paradise, but they are vastly different films.

The dialogue in Scent of a woman is very endearing, so well-written, very quotable, the acting unbelievable. For me Al Pacino’s best film and Chris O’Donnell’s best part as well. Pacino finally won his Oscar for this performance, which is arguably his signature role, where he portrays a weary and bitter ex army man, who has a memorable weekend in the company of 17-year-old O’Donnell.

Like Dustin Hoffman’s performance made Rainman a classic, Pacino makes Scent of a woman something very memorable, powerful and a life affirming film experience.

Even though it’s over 2 hours 30 min, it fly’s by. Highly recommendable. A film you can watch many times.

7.7/10 on IMDB and 94% on RT





  1. As you said, what makes the film worth remembering, more than anything else, is Al Pacino's performance. He sure lit up the screen everytime he appeared on the frame.

  2. I don't like him in this. It's just so very loud and unpleasent.

  3. @ Simon
    Unpleasent? I disagree. Maybe The beginning + hotel scene when he is angry are a little hot-tempered, but I think the overall warm-hearted and funny approach trumps those two scenes. Care to elaborate what you found unpleasent?

  4. I didn't like it mostly because, I mean, Al Pacino has played Corleone, Tony Montana, all these iconic roles, and only gets an Oscar in a relatively melodramatic weepy, for a loud, over-the-top, 'oh, fuck it' performance. It's more reputation and the genre of the movie I don't like.


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