Question: Which music blogs should I follow?

I'm currently struggling to attract people to respond to my music posts. I can hardly be bothered to write about music when interaction/feedback is minimal.

I'm wondering whether I should discontinue music posts and just write album reviews for myself on Rate Your Music. Isn't worth the effort posting contents on a blog if the audience isn't there. Sorry if I'm playing the "hard done by" card. I just feel a little disheartened by the time I put into the posts and the lack of response. It's frustrating there are millions of music fans online yet I feel I'm unable to reach them.

Perhaps my content just isn't unique or personal enough, who knows.  I can see there are lots of music bloggers who comment on each others blogs, many on wordpress, but I can't seem to get hardly any to swing by these parts, even though I've been on blogspot since 2010, and visited plenty of music sites. It’s been said blogging is ”dying” even if I think there is proof that it isn't dead.

Of course, it isn't only me, me, me, and my comment section that matters. 😊  Reading other music blogs is fun and educational, regardless if they comment back on my site or not.

To sum up, I’d like to increase the number of commenters. I can't force others to comment though.
Any suggestions? Do wordpress users avoid blogspot? Which friendly music bloggers should I seek out so as to expand my network? 


  1. I like your music posts, sometimes I check out the music you recommend. I really only listen to about 5 songs all the time lately (Cash's Hurt, Kaleo's Way Down we Go, that new catchy 21 Plots one) and movie scores so I don't know enough to comment there

  2. @Sati: Thanks for checking out the music posts. Johnny Cash released some great songs, I'm a fan of his late career resurgence, which I've previously blogged about.

  3. Not sure I have any answers, Chris, though I always enjoy reading your music posts. I'm not aware of any wordpress / blogger snobbery. However, I do think that some music bloggers who have been at it for a long time have their "social circles" fixed and rarely move outside them. Maybe they feel more loyalty to their old friends, maybe time prevents them from reading new blogs. I don't know. I hope you don't pack in the music posts though as I've found them useful in directing me towards some interesting tunes.

    1. @Rol: Not going to mention any names, I’ve read threads in which people discuss only wanting to comment on WordPress sites. Not that I think every Wordpress user is biased, and I’m not sure snobbery is the right word. Just preference, preferred circles and routine I guess, as you allude to.

      I’ll see how it goes over the next few months. I’m an optimist and convinced that it’s possible to find new regular readers for my music posts. The internet is so big. The problem is finding them.
      Your continued support and comments are appreciated.

  4. There was a music blog from an old colleague at that I followed but his blog hasn't been active in years. I forgot what it was called. I have no idea what music blogs to follow.

    1. @thevoid99: Thanks for taking the time to think it over

  5. Hi - As a relatively new blogger I am just amazed that anyone takes the time to leave a comment and although I primarily started just to get into the discipline of writing regularly, it has been nice to make some blogging buddies (thanks for your visits Chris). Reading between the lines it seems that over the years, people who used to get used of visitors now get less and that is probably because there are now more blogs than blogees, so too many to go round and also with so many music subscription sites that also give so much info about the artists and the music, they have taken over from some blogging sites. Keep on doing what you enjoy but tweak things as you feel the need. As we have recently ascertained, I am a "lady of a certain age" (still love ribbing you about that one!) so I can't really comment on some of the newer music I know nothing about as it would come across as false but I do love your film posts and if I have seen the actual film it's easy to leave a comment.

    As for the Wordpress/Blogspot dilemma I found it really difficult to leave comments on blogspot until I set up a gmail account and a google site. I have directed people to great sites I follow on blogspot but like me they couldn't leave comments so a bit of a problem. Also on Wordpress there is a "reader" tab where all the WP sites you follow come up in a list so really easy to dip into.

    Sorry I've gone on a bit but one more thing - By accident I discovered that writing about personal things goes down quite well - posts about "first albums" and music you associate with important times in your life. Not what I would often share with my closest friends but the blogosphere can be quite anonymous and no-one I know in the real world reads my blog, so it can be quite cathartic!

    I have never cracked how to share my music via music sharing sites so just upload the track and a video but it suits my blog I think and still get some visitors so not the most important aspect probably.

    Keep on doing it as long as it's fun but just tweak as necessary is my advice.

    1. @Alyson: Thanks for the support. People who used to comment around these parts moved on, and it’s tough to replace them. Easier when regular readers come over by their own free will. When you have to take the initiative and visit their sites, then it’s difficult to get bloggers to care about what you are presenting. Especially when they’ve never met me in person, it's tough to expect much.
      Maybe I should try mass commenting and blog-hopping all over the web, and a few music fans will notice what I’m doing.


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