The music of Fleetwood Mac (1 of 7)

Album: Albatross Need Your Love so Bad (single) (1969)

Albatross - Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green

Album: Then Play On (1969)

Coming Your Way - Fleetwood Mac

Album: Future Games (1971)

Show Me A Smile - Fleetwood Mac

Woman of A Thousand Years - Fleetwood Mac

Album: Bare Trees (1972)

Sentimental Lady - Fleetwood Mac/Bob Welch

Album: Penguin (1973)

Caught in the Rain - Fleetwood Mac

Album: Mystery to Me (1973)

Hypnotized - Fleetwood Mac

Listeners, any thoughts on the music of Fleetwood Mac? Have you listened to their albums? Which are your favorites by the group? The next six Sundays, expect Fleetwood Mac music posts, as I look at their career.


  1. I just downloaded the super-deluxe edition of Rumours which is their best album though I also like Tusk a lot. Yet, I much prefer the late 60s period that Fleetwood Mac did with Peter Greene. "Albatross" is one of the greatest instrumentals I had ever heard.

  2. @thevoid99: Rumours and Tusk are good choices. I'm pretty keen on instrumental I shared "Caught in the Rain".
    Just giving "Albatross" a listen, thanks for that, had not heard the compilation album it's on, will add the instrumental to the line-up! Discovered a track today from Then Play On (1969) I liked called "Coming Your Way"-to be added as well.

  3. Fleetwood Mac is another band I never got into but know I should listen to more. I was recommended by a friend to check out a "classic albums" doc based on Rumours. Might give it a go sometime since it's streaming on Netflix.

    In the mean time, I'll keep checking back in to follow along on your musical journey.

    1. @Eric: With a band who were active for decades there are tons of books, documentaries, and so forth. So far I've focused on the studio albums.
      I've only read the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die articles.
      Appreciate the recommendation, will look that up.
      Thanks for listening!

  4. This couldn't be better timed. I've not listened to much Fleetwood, but Tusk was featured in the first episode of The Americans and I'm now obsessed with that song. Going to spotify these babies up :)

    1. @Jaina: Really are a band worth looking into, probably one of the biggest selling groups in the world in the mid 70s.

    2. Now if only Spotify had more of their albums/tracks! Out of all of the above you mentioned, Spotify had 2. TWO! :( Oh well. They've got a few greatest hits and the like. I'll make a start with those.

      Been looking for some "new" music to listen to, so thanks Chris!

    3. @Jaina: The hits are a good place to start. Hope you like what you find.
      You're welcome!


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