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Part 2, 2012 songs by female artists. Enjoy!

Part 3 of 3 next Tuesday will include: Regina Spektor, Ani Difranco, and Frankie Rose

(Really impressed by Norah Jones' latest, arguably her best since debut Come Away With Me (2002). Little Broken Heats (2012) I think is an album with solid tracks all the way through, could easily remain in my top 10 albums of 2012. You can listen to a stream of the full album here)

Say Goodbye - Norah Jones

Little Broken Hearts - Norah Jones

Out On The Road - Norah Jones

Up All Night - Best Coast

(They cleaned up the 2010 edit, and made a brilliant 2012 version of the song. Rest of album disappointed me)

Mira - Melody Gardot

(Refreshingly different and upbeat track, can't wait for the new album The Absence!)

If youtube video fails for Mira, try this link

(Love a couple of Allo Darlin’ tunes shared beneath. The composition of their music reminds me of Belle & Sebastian. However, I wouldn't call this among the best albums of 2012, as I think Allo Darlin' lack variation, most of their songs sound the same to me. Stream the rest of the new album here)

Tallulah - Allo Darlin’

(lyric: "and I'm wondering, have I already met, all the people that'll mean something")

Tallulah by Fortuna POP!

The Letter - Allo Darlin’

(lyric: "not what you've lost, but what you can find")

The Letter by Fortuna POP!

(Has been 7 years since their last album. For me, the 2012 LP is too noisy, and not as fresh or innovative as their earlier work. My favorite is below, also liked song Not Your Kind Of People. The single Blood for Poppies I have mixed feelings about.)

Sugar - Garbage

(bummer, I can only find previews of these on youtube, in my opinion, haunting must-listen tracks of 2012. Check the tumblr link for a few of the full songs, anyway)

When You Rest - Sarah Jaffe

The Way Sound Leaves The Room - Sarah Jaffe

Any thoughts on the above albums? What old or new music are you listening to at the moment?


  1. Wow Garbage still going? Did not know that. Not a brilliant song, not bad either.

    1. @Pete: The band took a hiatus. I would call this Garbage’s weakest album to date. A few tracks to enjoy, especially for fans of their work.

  2. Thanks for sharing Norah Jones tracks. They sound great, different than her usual music.

    1. @Andina: Yes, different. Still Norah’s cuteness and distinctive voice! ( :

  3. I'm listening some soft music as Olafur Arnalds and Stoa. The Radio Dept too, and just gave me an attack of Cocteau Twins! May continue with Lisa Gerard. And if it comes to film music, I will listen to Alberto Iglesias. I liked Allo Darlin! Thank you. I wish you well!

    1. @Analía: Thanks so much for sharing what you are listening to, looking forward to exploring those artists!

      By Olafur Arnalds I know a couple of songs. Love The Radio Dept, I plan to blog about them later. If you check this link, you can see what music I intend to post in future :

    2. Yes, I'm waiting for a while your review of Decalogue, each part! :) And, do you like Fatih Akim? Joy Division, Cure, Drake... I love them all. Don´t forget Talk talk, The Human League, Roxy Music...long list. Your blog is very exciting!
      Rain by Olafur is my favourite. And if we talk about Iceland: Sigus Ros.

    3. @Analía: Fatih Akin is an interesting filmmaker, I thought The Edge of Heaven and Head-On were excellent!

      I'll give Rain by Olafur a listen right now ( : Roxy Music is a great band, I need to add them to the queue. I'm not so keen on Talk Talk. If you like Bryan Ferry, you could give Ultravox or Geoffrey O'Connor a try.

      A delay (maybe 6 months) until The Decalogue parts 1-10 are posted...thanks for your comments

    4. Hi Chris. I like Ultravox. I had not heard O'Connor. I'm listening now, whatever leads me to you - sorry. I like his girls! They are so evil! If we have to dust off the synthesizers... I love La Roux, once I adapted to the voice of the singer, I could not stop listening. Speaking of Iceland, Sigur Ros has new songs! Valtari. A beautiful and ethereal journey as a dream.
      P.D: Interpol rules!

    5. @Analía: New Sigur Rós album I listened to during week free on NPR first listen, pretty good, I like Ekki Múkk the most.
      Geoffrey O'Connor is so cool, yet sad at the same time, there's an aura about his vocals and lyrics, somehow mature beyond his years I think,you can listen to my favorites here:

  4. Great track from Norah! I really like her music and I haven't listened to her songs for a while now.

    1. @Sati: Is a return to form for Norah Jones, great stuff!

  5. love norah, such a great voice! i havent really listened to much of her new stuff though, will have to get on that!

    1. @Louisa: Yes, Norah has a voice that's easy to listen to. Lots of tracks to enjoy on her new release, in my top 5 albums of 2012.

      Thanks for the link, hope all goes well for you and your blog, I just left a comment!

  6. "Joy Division, The Flaming Lips, The Radio Dept., The Cure, Johnny Cash, Nick Drake, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, David Gray, Paul Simon, Daniel Johnston, Sebastien Tellier, Fiona Apple, etc..." That all sounds excellent to me and I can't wait for the post.

    I was a big fan of the Norah Jones album, and like everyone else a bit disappointed initially with 'The Only Place.' But its slowly growing on me the more I listen to it.

    1. @Gregory Roy: Good to hear you like some of those bands too!
      I can tell you're enjoying Best Coast, since your streaming the album on your playlist thingy on your site!

  7. I like how Norah Jones evolved through her career. Little Broken Hearts was pretty good. The Fall is my favorite album of hers. Such a perfect autumn album.

    Best Coast didn't do much for me. I never got into their music.

    Melody Gardot is fantastic. I admit I liked her previous album more, but this one was beautiful too. Lisboa is my favorite song on the album.

    The Garbage album was just alright for me. Liked the title song though.

    1. @Cristi B: Norah Jones is a bit hit or miss for me, did you hear the track she did with Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi(Black feat. Norah Jones).
      Melody Gardot’s previous work is better, I agree, I’ll give Lisboa a re-listen.
      Yeah, Garbage album was decent, but not their best. The title song was pretty good.

    2. I am a big fan of that album. I like all the songs they did with her as well as the ones with Jack White. I liked the spaghetti western influences. Great album.

    3. @Cristi B: Ok you knew it already. Black feat. Norah Jones was my favorite from that LP


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