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2012 songs by male artists, part 2!

(For those who enjoy quiet acoustic, many highlights on the LP. Added to my best albums of 2012 list)

The First Time I Ran Away - M. Ward

The First Time I Ran Away by M. Ward

Clean Slate - M. Ward

Clean Slate by M. Ward

A Wasteland Companion - M. Ward

A Wasteland Companion by M. Ward

There’s a key – M. Ward

There's A Key by M. Ward

Wild Goose – M. Ward

Wild Goose by M. Ward


(wow, this singer-songwriter is underrated)

Chase the Dark Away - Jim White

JIM WHITE - Chase The Dark Away by Loose Music

Why It's Cool - Jim White

Sunday's Refrain - Jim White (Live at WFUV)


Chocolate – Tindersticks

(Amazing spoken lyrics in the tradition of Arab Strap or Jarvis Cocker)

Chocolate by Constellation Records


Boots Of Spanish Leather - The Airborne Toxic Event (Bob Dylan cover)

(I don't know why, this track struck me as the best song on the 4-disc Bob Dylan cover album)

Listeners, any thoughts on the music? What is your favorite 2012 album by a male artist?


  1. I have a special love for Tindersticks. My favorite album is Curtains. It reminds me of those summer nights spent with my lover, lying in bed, listening the beautiful, melancholy voice of Stuart again and again. I like your blog, Chris.

    1. @axionyreaxion: finally someone likes these songs ( ; Curtains album? I have only just started listening to Tindersticks, so your suggestion is much appreciated.
      Good to hear you are enjoying my blog, come back again, and feel free to follow ( :

  2. In fact, I follow you for a while. I'm a big fan of 80's music, post punk, dark, new age. Slowly, you opened my mind to new songs. I thank you for that. I wish you are well and your back heal. Hugs!

    1. @Analía: 80s, eh? Well I plan to listen to all "The Cure" albums, already heard the 1st and 2nd albums so far on spotify, so going to post a few of my favorites by The Cure later on. (I'm beginning to get tired of posting new music). Nice of you to think of my health. Do you have a blog to visit?

  3. I have nothing interesting to say to have a blog or perseverance required. But I like to comment on blogs I follow. I am a big mouth who barely speaks english. That's why I had not spoken in your blog so far. I look forward that you travel to the 80's music! My back is a mess too, so I understand your pain. Hug.

    1. @Analía: Get well soon. I recommend going to a physiotherapist, helped my back improve! Hug


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