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Today, a bunch of 2012 songs with a female vocal. Part 2 next week will include Norah Jones, Melody Gardot, Best Coast, Sarah Jaffe, and others!

(Wonderful new Swedish band. Actually below personal favorites from album are a couple of years old now(from 2010), but are still in my opinion the cream of the crop on new 2012 LP. Stream the entire album for free at NME)

Mother Project – Niki & The Dove

Mother Protect by Niki & The Dove

DJ Ease My Mind

DJ Ease My Mind by Niki & The Dove

(Besides the single Myth I already shared, below tunes get my vote as best of the rest. Listen to the album in its entirety at NPR first listen)

Lazuli - Beach House

New Year - Beach House

Carmen - Lana Del Ray

(Carmen I didn't take much notice of on first listen, however when the music video arrived April 2012, the tune grew on me. The song's message is to warn younger girls about the lifestyles of celebrities.)

Do You Remember - Ane Brun

(Another Scandinavian act, her album was released May 1st)

"Ane Brun" Do You Remember by gig_studio

110% - Jessie Ware

(Nice and dreamy)

Jessie Ware - 110% by JessieWare

Romantic Streams - Sleep ∞ Over (CFCF Remix)

(Lovely dreamscape, CFCF are the kings of remixes!)

Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams remix by CFCF

("Masterpiece" from W.E. soundtrack, and below tune, are the only tracks I want to go back to again.
A lot of the other tracks seem oddly forced and juvenile, I think she should write/produce music that suits her age, she's not 25-years-old anymore. Madonna can afford to do what she wants, I don't know why she feels the need to compete with all the youngsters? She clearly is capable of growing, which the song Masterpiece is proof of, but most of this record she wants to pretend she's half her age. I guess she wants to stay forever young)

I'm Addicted – Madonna

My Better Self - Tennis

(The lyrics have a surprising amount of bite for a pop tune)

Tennis - My Better Self by EDPMC Vincent

Hurricane - MS MR

(Similar to a song from Lost Boys soundtrack, I Still Believe, by Tim Capello )

Hurricane by msmrsounds

Thanks for listening, any thoughts on the songs or albums?


  1. All good selections. But I must say my fav Beach House song off the new album would have to be "Other People." Also, I remember you saying that you were a fan of Best Coast, or liked a song or two by them. What are your thoughts on the new album, if you've had a chance to listen to it yet??

    1. Thanks for listening, Gregory. "Other People" I will dash over to youtube to listen to again ( :

      Yes, I listened to 2012 Best Coast album on NPR. "Up All Night" was by far the best track for me(I will share it next week). A decent band, but I don't think the writer is very talented, some of the lyrics on new album were cringeworthy. Maybe my judgement is a little severe, only heard album once. Best Coast's 2010 LP I prefer of the two.

  2. Like the new Beach House. I'm disappointed in myself for missing their show last week. They made a stop here in Jax, FL and I couldn't get my ass in gear. Anyways good selections.

    1. @Patrick: There are some brilliant tracks on new Beach House album, although I must admit I was mildly disappointed to listen to the full album all the way through. Maybe it's an LP that will grow on me during the year, who knows. A pity you missed them live!


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