Top dream pop songs from 2011

Very subjective of course. Which of the below tracks do you like? What hazy dream pop or chillwave artists are you a fan of? Any other tracks you'd recommend? Share your opinions in the comments below

Stickers - SLEEP ∞ OVER

Kaputt - Destroyer

I Never Would - Seapony

Spaced Out Orbit - Thao & Mirah

Letters Home - CFCF (Memoryhouse Remix)

Honey Mine - Korallreven (Memoryhouse Remix)

Hey Moon - John Maus (Molly Nilsson cover)

Leather Glove - Love Inks

Charades - Papercuts

Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me) - Ford & Lopatin

Lovedropper - The Boy Friend

Given the Time - Craft Spells

Sleep Patterns - Memoryhouse

We Have Everything - Young Galaxy

The Kiss – Pallers

Amor Fati - Washed Out

More dream pop (or near enough) from this year not to be missed:

Cover Your Tracks - Young Galaxy (CFCF Remix)

Streetlight - John Maus

Still Life - The Horrors

Quiet America - Memoryhouse

Lately – Memoryhouse

Warm In The Winter - Glass Candy

Video Games - Lana Del Ray

No Widows - The Antlers

Moullinex - Tear Club

Videotapes - Blouse

Surface - Teen Daze

Sun Hits - Memory Tapes

You're Almost There - Lanterns On The Lake

Lungs Quicken - Lanterns on the Lake

Fallout - Neon Indian

Marmelade Kids - Dumbo Gets Mad

Peripheral Visionaries - Young Galaxy

So Sorry - Geoffrey O'Connor

Sparrow Song - Acrylics (Feat. Caroline Polachek)

Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches

Not A Friend - Cat's Eyes

Chinatown - Destroyer

Forget that you're young - The Raveonettes

90 Degrees - Ladytron

I'm God - Clams Casino

Alien Observer - Grouper

Humdrum – Pallers

Bobby - Youth Lagoon

Our own dream - Keep Shelly in Athens

Fluorescent Nights - Echo Shade

Brief Encounter - Secret Cities

Flowers Bloom - High Highs

Moving Machine - Grouper

Stolen Dog – Burial

The White Season - Still Corners

The Twilight Hour - Still Corners

The Same Thing - Cass McCombs

Pinky's Dream (feat. Karen O) - David Lynch

Common Burn - Mazzy Star

Lay Myself Down - Mazzy Star

Ghost Dream – Blouse

Oblivion – Grimes

He Doesn’t Know Why - Silver Swans (Fleet Foxes cover)

Reunion - M83

Splendor - M83

California Birds - Keep Shelly In Athens & ABADABA

Here in Heaven 2 - Elite Gymnastics

Omamori - Elite Gymnastics

Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow) - Neon Indian

Silver Time Machine - Death In Vegas

Conquest –The Sound Of Arrows

Hearts (Bedroom Sessions) - I Break Horses

Egyptian Wrinkle - Boy Friend

Modern normal - Memoryhouse

The heavens turn by themselves - Sleep ∞ over

Into black - Blouse

Nuclear Seasons - Charli XCX

Plage - Crystal Fighters (Compuphonic Remix)

Red Light - Gigamesh (Goldroom Remix)

Swimming - Neutron Wireless Crystal (Trenchurian Remix)

Because The Night - Au Palais

Patricia's thirst - Choir of Young Believers (1st single from 2012 album)

Wild Eyed – The Horrors

The Fog Rose High - Craft Spells

Early To Bed – Weathervane

Hey Sparrow - Peaking Lights

One Second Of Love - Nite Jewel

Thunderbolts Of Love - Part Time

Still Sound - Toro Y Moi

For Love I Come – Thundercat

Paradisco - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Psychic Driving – Soft Metals

No One is Ever Going to Want Me - Giles Corey/Dan Barrett

Skeleton Key - Love Inks

Speed vs. Distance - Fotoshop

The Earth Plates Are Shifting - Young Empires

Skybound - Molly Nilsson

Yellow Halo - Goldfrapp

38 Stories - Indoor Voices

AT2 - Araab Muzik

I Remember - Araab Muzik

Dying Hipster - Torgny (feat. Maria Due)

This Aint No Hymn - Saint Saviour

Kelly - When Saints Go Machine

Better - Teen

High Priestess - Active Child

Diamond Heart - Active Child

Paris Collides - Rufus

Dreaming - Adam & The Amethysts

Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out

Far Away - Washed Out

White Trees - Mads Björn

Unspoken ft El Perro del Mar - Pacific!

Into the Wilderness - Burning Hearts

(Watch this space for more 2011 tracks in future...last updated 2nd of Feb 2012)

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Top dream pop songs of 2010:

Heirloom - Memoryhouse
I L U - School of Seven Bells
Camouflage – Small Black
When We're Dancing - Twin Shadow
Shadows – Warpaint
Undertow - Warpaint
Outer Limits – Sleep Over
Last Forever – Molly Nilsson
Forget You & I - Nite Jewel
Falling Far - Nite Jewel
Better times - Beach House
Dancing Ghosts - Azure Ray
Saviour - Teen Daze
Watch Over Me - Teen Daze
Live In Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover) - High Highs
Icarus - White Hinterland
The Truest Faith – Korallreven
Chinatown – Wild Nothing
On Giving Up - High Places
Across the Sea - D'eon
Devon - Grimes
Dream Fortress - Grimes
Don't Be Afraid - Keep Shelly In Athens
Burn Bridges – Dom
My Plants Are Dead - Blonde Redhead
Spain - Blonde Redhead
Shades Away - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
You Can Count On Me (live) - Panda Bear
Voyage - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Beatrice - Home Video
A Step Forward - Contre Jour
Soak It Up - Houses
A Real Hero - College feat. Electric Youth
Under Your Spell - Desire (2009)
Nightcall - Kavinsky


  1. Amor Fati from Washed Out was one of my favorite songs all year. Not just dream song. You put a hell of a lot work into this. Well done.

  2. this is perfect. i knew craft spells, lana del ray, sea pony and that was pretty much it. this is a big introduction to a great genre.
    you should check out beach fossils and young wrists

  3. Like to see those Horrors guys on your list, they are really special refreshment from a music scene, have their own style and I appreciate it. I enjoy their live at Exit Festival in Serbia, amazing!

  4. @Max: Thanks, took me a while, was worth it though ( : The Washed Out album I find to be a bit overrated, still pretty good! Especially Amor Fati.

    @Gregory Roy : Perfect, thanks!! I do my best. Glad you are enjoying my list. I hope to create more such lists with other music genres later on.
    I will check those artists you mention, appreciate it ( :

    @Night Admirer: The Horrors, maybe its just me-they don't seem to get much attention outside of the UK? I found them by accident on a UK-based blog I follow: "burning reels"
    Good to see you found them too in Serbia ( :

  5. These are some great new tracks for me. I was really enjoying I Never Would by Seapony. I think I'll have to download that one, thanks!

  6. Great work as always! My fave off this list is in the "other" category, and that's "No Windows" by The Antlers. And I agree that Amor Fati is a great song regardless of genre. Did you ever hear Kendal Johannson's "Blue Moon" last year? For me it was a 2011 track, but apparently it came out last year.

  7. @Colleen: The Seapony track is really great, happy you are finding some new music, I tried to share both male and female singers on the list, so both are represented.

    @Derek: Yeah, the "other" category is equally as strong really, no ranking here, just too many youtube videos slows down my blog.
    I'm new to The Antlers, and the new album made an instant impression, should have found them sooner. I'll give Kendal Johannson's "Blue Moon" a listen, thanks. Looking forward to your best music of 2011 list ( :

  8. Yumyum, lots of dreampop:)

    I need to catch up on some of these - keep meaning to listen to the Dirty Beaches album.

    Have you heard Teen Daze's 'Watch Over Me'?

    Other dreamy tracks i've been enjoying lately are most things by M83, 'My Plants Are Dead' by Blonde Redhead, 'Believer' by John Maus, 'Crushed' by Cocteau Twins, 'Romantic Streams' by Sleep Over and'An Ending (Ascent)' by Brian Eno

  9. @Burning Reels: Thanks, I'll listen to the song suggestions, Teen Daze I am not so familiar with. New M83 album was a bit loud for my taste. I tried that 80s Brian Eno ambient soundtrack album on your blog, amazing,many highlights, partcularly love: Weightless, An Ending, Drift, Deep blue day, Always returning. In 2011"The Real" by Eno impressed me:

    For me, Dirty Beaches album was a bit of a letdown, the track I shared was good.

    Keep on burning those reels ( :

  10. I loved your list thanks a lot man :)


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