Songs for your iPod

(Some 2011 tracks...these artists have taken a delorean back to the 80s!)

Beth/Rest - Bon Iver


Take Another Look - The Cars


Sad Song - The Cars

(Check out the video, very inventive)

Readers, any thoughts, did you have other favourite tracks on the above albums? What do you think of the trend of re-capturing the 80s, the soundtrack of Drive (2011) also did.


  1. I've always liked Bon Iver - this song is great!
    The other two are okay... I really like the musical 80s vibe.

  2. Told you that Cars album was good!

  3. @Colin: There were some memorable tracks on The Cars album, I agree. Not just in music, a lot of 80s movies are getting a reboot, Footloose, The Thing, etc.

    @Mette: There's a piano version of the Bon Iver track you should check out.

  4. I considered getting this album after their awesome performance on The Colbert Report. You can find it on my blog if you haven't seen it. They were the second rock concert I went to as a kid, so anything from them takes me right back to the 80's.

  5. @Colleen: The Cars were not a band I instantly fell for, took me a while to get into the albums. The new LP has a few strong tracks I think.


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