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When I Go - Slow Club

(Love the lyrics!)


Lowlands - Chris Pureka (Live on KEXP)

(I had never even heard of her until recently. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure if this was a man or a woman! A folk/acoustic release boycottingtrends had on his top 10 albums of 2010, I agree that the album 'How I Learned to See in the Dark' holds up well to repeat listening. Talented songwriter, lyrics such as: “I think the whole world needs a shoeshine” or “I spent the day forgetting the dream that woke me up". Although her words are not sung very clearly, it has to be said, which perhaps she could work on)


Don’t Walk Away - Chromeo

(So catchy, the melody. Makes you want to dance!)

Readers, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Great! I'm delighted that you're enjoying "How I Learned To See In The Dark."

    I kind of like it when lyrics aren't too clearly sung. In fact I wrote a blog post last year on that very topic:

  2. @ Alex Ramon : Some music I am drawn to with subdued lyrics (dream pop music especially, The Radio Dept. is an example)

    Maybe I should try listening to Chris Pureka like I listen to The Radio Dept.

    The thing is when I see the songwriter has talent, I tend to want to hear the lyrics.

    Thanks for the link to your article on the topic, will take a look.

  3. I agree on the murky vocal/lyrics debate - allows a more interactive experience with the music.


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