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Continuing my top songs from 2010...

Take It In - Hot Chip

(Love the sound, kind of like Depeche Mode, don't you think?)


Keep Quiet - Hot Chip

(The obvious choice would be Hot Chip's single "One life stand", but I got tired of that song very quickly. I think this track has a more lasting value)


Revival - Deerhunter

(my favourite from Deerhunter's 2010 album Halcyon Digest by far)

Readers, any thoughts? Do you like this music?


  1. Ah Deerhunter are so friggin' good... I think I liked "Sailing" best, just 'cause it's so mellow, but the whole album is genius.

  2. @Midnight Screening : Thanks for your comment, I can't remember Sailing, even though I've listened to the whole album. It certainly has good lyrics, and the slow pace is to my liking. Although, still, I prefer the uplifting song Revival shared above.

    Have been meaning to follow and comment on your new site, just been very busy ( :

  3. Helicopter for me - lovely stuff.


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