Older song discoveries from soundtracks during 2016

What's this?  by Danny Elfman / Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
For Halloween or Christmas. Or any other time of year.

Exit by Tangerine Dream / Album: Exit (1981) / Stranger Things, Season 1 (2016)
I  already knew a lot of the 80s music from Stranger Things. I should listen to TD's 80s albums.

Watermelon in Easter Hay by Frank Zappa /Album: Joe's Garage (1979) / Y tu mamá también (2001)
I love how calming Zappa's song is, even if it isn't his usual style. Epic guitar solo

Voices by Russ Ballard   / Miami Vice episode "Calderone's Return" (1984)
Continuing my voyage discovering the 80s, the series has 80s music in abundance. Or you can cheat and just go through the list. I'll have things to say about the show in my TV watched in 2016 post.

Mother Sky by Can  / Deep End (1970) 
You can understand the young man's infatuation with his co-worker Susan (Jane Asher). Hilarious when he walks around in public with the cardboard cut-out of the woman, accompanied by this hypnotizing krautrock song

The Meaning of Life by Monty Python   / The Meaning of Life (1983)
A few of the songs from the soundtrack are Monty Python classics, which elevate good sequences into great sequences

L'arena by Ennio Morricone   / The Mercenary (1968)
The best composer of westerns

Betty et Zorg by Gabriel Yared   / Betty Blue (1986)
Haunting harmonica, very soothing

Sentimental Walk by Vladimir Cosma /  Diva (1981)
The walk taken by Jules and Cynthia across the city includes this beautiful piano piece

The Glory Of Love by DeVol   / Guess Whos Coming to Dinner (1967)
Timeless song about love. The film is a bit dated.

When I Go by Minimal Compact  /Album: Raging Souls (1985) /  Wings of Desire (1987)
Wasn't convinced if the vocal was good or bad. Grew on me. Very atmospheric, like the film is.

If There Was a Man by The Pretenders   / The Living Daylights (1987)
From end credits, in contention to be the title track, but lost out. So different to the bombastic and pop-friendly The Living Daylights by A-ha.

747 by Kent  (1997) / Career Opportunities (1991)
I'm cheating a little, as the song is 6 years older than the film. A random YouTube user put the song together with the John Hughes movie.

Death Proof (2007)
You can generally trust Tarantino's soundtracks will deliver obscure gems, and Death Proof is no exception.
Hold Tight! by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (1966)  
It's So Easy by Willy DeVille (1980)

Take Your Tiime (Do It Right) by SOS Band (1980) / Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)
Catchy and danceable disco, from The Sound Machine scene. The soundtrack is arguably the best thing about Richard Linklater's latest.

Hope you enjoy the selections. What do you think about the music from these films and tv shows? Which discoveries from soundtracks did YOU make this year?


  1. Oooh what a great idea for a list and what great discoveries, Chris! I remember really liking Michael Kamen's soundtrack for Miami Vice growing up. Oh 'If There Was a Man' is a great song indeed!! I love that one, though I also have a soft spot for European 80s bands like A-Ha :D

    1. @Ruth: Thanks for checking out the post, I hope you find a few tracks you like! Yeah, I believe you mean Jan Hammer who did a fine job of scoring Miami Vice and providing the main themes. Michael Kamen is a great composer too though. I like the A-ha song, but I think I overplayed it :)

  2. Excellent choice with Stranger Things! The music is one of the things in the show that built that awesome atmosphere, both the song choices and original score

    1. @Sati: Thank you. Yep, music is a big part of the atmosphere of Stranger Things. Aside from the main theme, my fav from score is ”Kids”(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjYRo1iua8Y)
      I’ll be reviewing Stranger Things later. A very entertaining show.

  3. That Frank Zappa track from Y Tu Mama Tambien opened the door for me in Frank Zappa as it has some of the most beautiful guitar work that I have ever heard.

    1. @thevoidd99: I agree on the guitar work, and yes, Watermelon in Easter Hay makes me want to explore Frank Zappa's music

  4. Good list. I feel you can put any track from a Richard Linklatter or Quentin Tarantino flick and have a winner. I don't like the song from Kent but I do love the video posted

    1. @TheVern: Thank you. Yes, Tarantino soundtracks are usually winners. Everybody Wants Some!! is a fun soundtrack and I loved the use of music in Boyhood too. The roller skate scene is possibly the best part of Career Opportunities


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