The music of Camera Obscura (2 of 3)

Album: Biggest Bluest Hi Fi - Camera Obscura [2001]
I like the approach to lyrics on their debut LP.


Eighties Fan
Is the opening a wink to the 80s classic Just Like Honey? I like how the ending of the track is open-ended, so you can fill in the blank yourself.

Happy New Year
“Did the ironing in a cowboy hat
felt as fresh as the paint in this new flat
I will never tell you what to do
have ambition simply to see things through”

Swimming Pool
”All my days inactive will be justified
awaken from a slumber to a rollercoaster ride”

I Don't Do Crowds
“I find it funny that you never even knew
all the times when I stole a look from you
oh what's in my mind
oh they're gonna put me away this time”

Album: Underachievers Please Try Harder [2004]
My experience is the lyrics are not quite as personal as their debut album. Perhaps the catchiest track on their sophomore album is “Teenager”. “Before You Cry” and “Knee Deep At The NPL” are favorites too.

The band are often compared to Belle & Sebastian, but “Your Picture” sounds like Leonard Cohen:

"She told me you'd given up drinking
To be with somebody you knew
You tried to get into the bible
but it never got into you
But you still got some loyal disciples
I supposed that I'm one of the few."

Agree or disagree? Taken a liking to any of these tracks? Any thoughts on the albums? Share your opinions in the comments.

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