Review of e-book Spook Secrets (2013)

I was kindly given a review copy of the e-book, SPOOK SECRETS: How Much Do You Really Know About Classic Sci-Fi/Horror? Written by Zach Zito, Mike Lederman and Christopher Meali.

It’s essentially 300 trivia questions about horror and sci-fi movies, mostly horror from what I can tell. Contains over 1000 photographs. Each page contains four images, and a question. You guess, and the answer is on the next page. There were questions I knew the answer to, mainly the recent movies, and then there were questions which only die hard geeks could answer. The kind of book you don’t need to read in chronological order, and can browse through at your leisure.
You could also use the book as a reference guide I could imagine, as to which horror films you want to explore, because it features 100s of films, well-known and obscure. If you want to increase your knowledge, or simply test your existing knowledge, this is a good place to start.
Primarily of interest to horror enthusiasts I would say. Reading the e-book, I realized I’m still a beginner in terms of my insight of the horror/monster/sci-fi movie genres. The guys who wrote the questions have a vast knowledge of all things spooky.
The e-book was released on October 1, and is available for purchase online at all major retailers, including Amazon (US and UK). Part two is scheduled for October 2014.

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