Favorite music from 2013 (2 of 6)

Album: MBV - My Bloody Valentine

Kind of like the return of Bowie this year, My Bloody Valentine had not put out an LP in a long time. Word is the band haven't reinvented themselves with the new album, but it should please existing fans of the group. Noise pop is not usually my thing, however I still found 3 songs I'm liking:

Favorite tracks:
New You
In another way
Is this and yes

Album: Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Feels more accessible to a wider audience than his darker albums. The quieter approach reminds me of The Boatman's Call, from the 90s, which I loved too. Album of the year so far.

Favorite tracks:
Push The Sky Away
We No Who U R
Jubilee Street

Album: The Flowerlane - Ducktails

Became aware of this band from Burning Reels, a blog I follow, who also appreciates dream pop.

Favorite tracks:
Assistant director
Sedan magic
Letter of intent

Album: Songs For Imaginative People - Darwin Deez

I loved his 2010 track Bad Day

Favorite track:
No Love

Album: Outrun - Kavinsky

Received favorable reviews on metacritic. Is it just me? Considering how much I loved Nightcall by Kavinsky from Drive soundtrack, this album as a whole didn't live up to my expectations, besides a couple of tracks.

Favorite tracks:

Album: Fade - Yo La Tengo

Favorite tracks:
Cornelia and Jane
Is That Enough
Well You Better

Readers, any thoughts on the music? Agree or disagree on the track selections? Have you listened to any of these albums?


  1. There's a couple of new records that I want to add to the list that are great. The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Flaming Lips. Both great albums. On the new Strokes, there's some good tracks but the rest of the album is just... meh.

  2. @thevoid99: I agree about Strokes album, couple of tracks I enjoyed.

    I've been busy on spotify, next:
    How To Destroy Angels, Dido, Eels, Josh Ritter, Stereophonics, The Flaming Lips, Kurt Vile, Rachel Zeffira, John Grant, Villagers.

    and maybe share tracks from these, which I haven't listened to yet: Iron and Wine, Phosphorescent, Suede, Steven Wilson, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Bill Ryder Jones, The Knife, Major Lazer, Charli XCX, Phoenix

    1. I totally recommend the new album by the Knife. I love it. Not really into Stereophonics though.

    2. @void99: Thanks, I'll see if the Knife album is for me, haven't been wowed by them previously, maybe this time.

      I think there was one track I enjoyed on Stereophonics LP.

  3. I love Ducktail and Yo La Tengo tracks :)

    1. @Andina: Happy you are enjoying the music!

  4. My taste in music is a bit old school [mostly classical] Chris, so I'm afraid I'm not familiar w/ any of these :D

    1. @Ruth: No problem! Can't expect everyone to share my taste in music :)

  5. I agree on Kavinsky's Outrun. It's disappointing, especially since I thought it was going to consist of all-new material. Until I check out more albums, it's still one of my favorites of the year, though.

    1. @Josh: I wish the other tracks on that album were as strong as Nightcall, oh well.

  6. Wow, you're ahead of me for 2013. I haven't heard anything from your list yet!
    I like the fact that you mix music and films on your blog. I've always been a little afraid that it would confused my regular readers. But in fact I like that you do it. I might do it a little bit more since you got lots of positive reactions.

  7. @Michaƫl Parent: Thanks for stopping by! For whatever reason January-May seems to be when many of the big album releases have come out, in 2012, and probably this year, too. So I've been busy!

    Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is definitely my favorite album so far this year, though the other mentions have good tracks on them too.
    Well, for me, there is no harm in mixing up what you blog. I get a bit bored only blogging movies.

  8. It took me a while to get to appreciate mbv. After a few listens It got me. It's not album of the year for me, but so far it's top 10.

    Push The Sky Away didn't hit me at all. Don't know why. Seemed promising. I see you like it a lot.

    You're right about the Kavinsky album. Such a disappointment. Nightcall is brilliant but the rest is a big meh.

    1. @Cristi B: My Bloody Valentine is not really my type of music, but I appreaciate some of what they put out. ”Sometimes” is one of my favorite tracks of the 90s, and ”In Another Way” is my pick as best track on MBV.

      Nick Cave album is in my top 5 of 2013, but I guess not for everyone.

      I actually gave Kavinsky a 2nd chance, it’s not a great album, but ”Roadgame” is an excellent track(which I overlooked on first listen)


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