In appreciation: the music of Destroyer (1 of 3)

Album: Streethawk: A Seduction (2001)

Streethawk I - Destroyer

Streethawk II - Destroyer

Album: Your Blues (2004)

An Actor's Revenge - Destroyer

Your Blues - Destroyer

My favorite album of 2011 was Kaputt by the Canadian band Destroyer, and is arguably the group's masterpiece, so this year I decided to check out their previous albums. The early stuff from 90s mostly wasn't my taste, and in a few cases the recordings were not available. Fans may disagree, but I think their best work is from the 2000s and onwards.

Listeners, are you a fan of Destroyer? Which are your favorite albums by the band? Did I miss any great tracks from 1996-2004? Thoughts on the music above? Next week I'll look at 2006-2010


  1. I'd never listened to Destroyer before -- I really enjoyed your sound clips, especially "Your Blues." Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. @Quirky BookandFilmBuff: I'm fairly new to Destroyer as well. Glad you enjoyed listening ( :

  3. Great post. Dan Bejar's voice is too nasally for some people, and the name of his band is entirely misleading, but I've been a big fan ever since I heard his stuff with the New Pornographers.

    1. @Bonjour Tristesse: Thanks. I can totally get that, why his voice is too nasally for some listeners. You've hit a blind spot of mine, I'll add The New Pornographers to the list.

    2. Oh then you are in for a treat.

      Start with Electric Version. DB sings lead on 'Testament to Youth and Verse', and 'Ballad of a Comeback Kid', but the entire album is awesome.

    3. @Bonjour Tristesse: Thanks, I'll give those tracks a listen, and see if fits my taste.


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