Songs for your iPod

(3 tracks that can get you on the dance floor)

Shameless - Groove Armada & Bryan Ferry

(Also, the tracks Alphaville & the cover Song To The Siren are worth a listen from Ferry’s album Olympia)


Lovesick - Lindstrom & Christabelle


Roche (Breakbot Remix) - Sebastien Tellier

(If you like dream pop, you should seek out his music, I'll share a bunch of Tellier's older songs later. Sofia Coppola uses his music on her soundtracks)

Readers, any thoughts on the music?


  1. Great tracks. I've had Lovesick on my commuting playlist for months now.

  2. Glad you're enjoying my music. I heard Lovesick was used in a caddilac commercial.
    See you around in the blogosphere ( :


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