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(Acoustic/folk/singer-songwriter album. She won the best British Female Solo Artist award at the 2011 Brit awards)

Alpha shadows - Laura Marling

What he wrote - Laura Marling


Goodbye England Covered in Snow (live) - Laura Marling

(I discovered on a blog I follow, The Big Parade, that Marling can be good live)

Readers, any thoughts on the music?


  1. So happy she won that award.
    I just got my parents to listen her as they are major folk fans, and they thought she was actually from the 70s!
    I can hear a bit of Nick Drake in some of her songs (can't remember which ones, just remember thinking of him while listening to her, I think it might be the guitar or something and of course the quite Solemn tone)
    Her newer album sounds much less "cutesy indie folk" than her first, she sounds as though she's found her own individual style. really liking Alpha shadows and Hope in the air at the moment and Devils Spoke is quite incredible as well. Her third Album is due this year! yay.
    great post.

  2. @ Zoë Walker : Thanks for visiting. If you like music a little similar to Nick Drake, a beautiful overlooked album I stumbled upon is "Out of Season" by Beth Gibbons(from Portishead) from 2002, heck, even one of the songs is called Drake! ( :

    I haven't heard Laura Marling's other material besides her 2010 album, but certainly will do, and her upcoming release!

  3. She's been recommended to me but I haven't got into it yet.

  4. @ Zoe Walker : From your writing you sound like a lovely person, who it would be cool to meet, too bad you are in New Zealand, and I'm on the other side of the world in Europe.
    On second thoughts, the Beth Gibbons album is pretty dark, so not for everyone. I mostly prefer more uplifting music these days, one of the most powerful and inspiring "indie folk" songs I've found recently is "Don't Do It - Sharon Van Etten"

    @ Chris David Richards : You should really try Laura Marling, I hope my post makes you go listen to the album ( :

  5. Oh yeah thats was a nice song. good thing it had the lyrics because I couldn't understand her haha. thanks btw.
    really? where abouts in Europe are you from?

  6. @Zoe Walker: I'll send you an e-mail


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